A hymnal out of print for fifty years has been scanned by Mr. Colin E. Jackson!

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Brébeuf Hymnal • “Behind the Scenes”
2018 July 22 by Jeff Ostrowski

Creating a metrical translation like that, so very literal, is stupefyingly difficult.

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Rorate Caeli • “Very Ancient Catholic Song”
2017 December 05 by Jeff Ostrowski

This Catholic hymnal was written by a priest named “Police.” (not kidding)

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The “Long & Short” of Latin Hymns
2016 August 03 by Jeff Ostrowski

Such underlay would be considered loathsome by composers like Guerrero. Indeed, it’s an impossibility!

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The St. Jean de Brébeuf Hymnal
2015 May 06 by Jeff Ostrowski

At last, a hymnal that’s truly Roman Catholic!

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How Well Did Your Parents Know The Mass?
2014 December 17 by Jeff Ostrowski

PDF Download: Order of Mass (Latin & English) printed in THE CROWN HYMNAL of 1911.

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A 355-page collection of English hymns by musicians from Westminster and Solesmes.

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