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The Phrasing of the Sanctus
2016 February 07 by Fr. David Friel

The Difference a Comma Makes

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Too Many Options
2016 January 31 by Fr. David Friel

Allowing Adolescents to Choose Their Faith & the Wide-Open Permissions of the GIRM

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Motet for Three Voices: “O Crux Ave”
2016 January 24 by Fr. David Friel

This piece is ideal for use as a motet during the veneration of the Holy Cross at the Good Friday liturgy.

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Sacra Liturgia UK — Registration Now Open
2016 January 17 by Fr. David Friel

An International Conference on Liturgical Formation in Light of the New Evangelization

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We must respect the vision of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

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Chesterton on the Value of New Beginnings
2016 January 01 by Fr. David Friel

Thoughts on New Year’s Day

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Pope Francis on Collaboration of the Lay Faithful
2015 December 20 by Fr. David Friel

Remarks during the Ad Limina Visit of the German Bishops

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Lighting Up Façades
2015 December 13 by Fr. David Friel

Catholic churches ought not to be treated as houses of entertainment, but as houses of prayer.

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Not One of Aesop's Fables
2015 December 06 by Fr. David Friel

Of Tetrarchs, High Priests, and the Polar Express

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An Extraordinary Event: NCYC 2015
2015 November 23 by Fr. David Friel

Traditional Mass offered at National Catholic Youth Conference

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St. Cecilia Academy for Pastoral Musicians
2015 November 22 by Fr. David Friel

The program seeks to broaden the knowledge of already well trained musicians so that they can become well trained liturgical musicians.

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Should the Liturgy Be Televised?
2015 November 15 by Fr. David Friel

Introducing a New Book by Fr. Uwe Michael Lang

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Fides et Ratio
2015 November 15 by Fr. David Friel

Celebrating the Great Balance of Albertus Magnus

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Liturgical Happenings at Notre Dame
2015 November 08 by Fr. David Friel

Divine Liturgy and a new pipe organ

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Trination on All Souls: My Thoughts
2015 November 03 by Fr. David Friel

Having invited reader input the other day, I offer now my own opinion.

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Should Priests Trinate on All Souls’ Day?
2015 November 01 by Fr. David Friel

Whether the Permission to Do So Constitutes an Encouragement to Do So

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Catholic Artists Society
2015 October 25 by Fr. David Friel

The Art of the Beautiful Lecture Series 2015-2016

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Monsignor Marini’s Final Encouragement to Papal Mass Servers

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Remarks from Archbishop Chaput

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look

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