These settings were written to be easily played by pianists and organists of an intermediate skill level.

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New Sacred Music Magazine — “Altare Dei”
2016 October 27 by Fr. David Friel

Announcing the first issue of a brand new publication focusing on liturgy and sacred music.

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New Document on Christian Burial and Cremation
2016 October 27 by Andrew Leung

The CDF released a Instruction on Christian Burial and Cremation yesterday.

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I Say: “Good for Marty Haugen”
2016 October 26 by Richard J. Clark

He has been on top of the Roman Catholic world of liturgical music for decades.

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Music for the Year of Mercy
2016 October 25 by Lucas Tappan

Puccini’s music allows us to glimpse the love of a Father, Who doesn’t merely sit on the 50 yard line waiting to see which side of the eternal line we die on…

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Download all 572 pages—thanks to Peter Meggison!

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“Pleni sunt coeli et terra gloria tua.”
2016 October 24 by Jeff Ostrowski

Living in Los Angeles—what I miss most.

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Musical Resources • 23rd Sunday after Pentecost
2016 October 23 by Jeff Ostrowski

“Remit, we beseech Thee, O Lord, the sins of Thy people…”

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Compline Online with Chant Notation
2016 October 22 by Veronica Brandt

A handy online copy of Compline according to the 1962 liturgical books dynamically adapting to the day of the week, feast or feria and looks great on small screen mobile devices.

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Memorial of Pope Saint John Paul II
2016 October 21 by Richard J. Clark

Two FREE resources honoring Pope Saint John Paul II

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Dr. Jennifer Donelson Conducting Seminarians
2016 October 20 by Corpus Christi Watershed

Kevin Allen’s beautiful “Domine, Non Sum Dignus” has also been sung for Vatican Masses.

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Watershed: Established Ten Years Ago Today!
2016 October 19 by Jeff Ostrowski

What keeps us going is our wonderful readers, whose kindness and witness inspire us.

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Two generous young ladies, currently in high school, helped me record this gorgeous Kyrie.

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Music and the Formation of Our Youth
2016 October 18 by Lucas Tappan

“While it is true that children can make beautiful music, it is more important that music can make beautiful children…”

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Thoughts on “the hidden struggles” of a choirmaster.

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Complete Palestrina Edition • Now Online!
2016 October 14 by Jeff Ostrowski

His Mass settings alone require 2,349 pages!

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The Unhealthy Liturgical Obsession with Self
2016 October 14 by Richard J. Clark

It is not found in the Roman Rite. It is not there in the scriptures. We are in fact inserting such self-obsession.

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The New Feature on the Organ of King's College
2016 October 13 by Andrew Leung

Check out this newest feature on the restored organ in the Chapel of King’s College!

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Wonderful Things are Happening in Detroit!
2016 October 11 by Lucas Tappan

Even more exciting were two developments I learned of while in Detroit.

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Choirmaster’s Life: “A Life of Sacrifice”
2016 October 10 by Jeff Ostrowski

Due to human nature, I believe most of us won’t reach our potential—unless we’re forced to do so!

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