Only Priests Can Save Catholic Music
2015 July 01 by Jeff Ostrowski

Including thirteen (13) complete collections of Mass Propers…with audio examples!

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Sacred Music Colloquium XXV — Update II
2015 June 30 by Andrew Leung

Report on the second day of the Sacred Music Colloquium in Pittsburgh

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Sacred Music Colloquium XXV — Update I
2015 June 29 by Andrew Leung

Report on the first day of the Sacred Music Colloquium in Pittsburgh

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In Memoriam: Dr. Lucy E. Carroll, DMA
2015 June 28 by Fr. David Friel

Lucy was a friend and mentor to me, and I would like to share with you a little bit of her story.

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Loading Choir Binders In Los Angeles
2015 June 28 by Jeff Ostrowski

I average one binder per second.

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Rebuild my Church
2015 June 27 by Veronica Brandt

The Maternal Heart of Mary Church is a collegiate style church in Sydney, Australia and home to the only FSSP parish in the country.

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Why It is Truly Right and Just to Sing the Preface
2015 June 26 by Richard J. Clark

Like the Creed, the Preface is a unique place in the Mass where dogma of the Church is expressed. Furthermore, it expresses thanksgiving for the work of salvation.

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The organist will play softly at the Offertory.

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Surprised By Beauty
2015 June 25 by Lucas Tappan

It had been over a decade since I had set foot in St. John Cantius—enough time to forget that one never can tell what beautiful surprise awaits unsuspecting visitors.

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Sacred Music Colloquium XXV — Pittsburgh
2015 June 25 by Andrew Leung

Stay tuned for daily reports on the CMAA Sacred Music Colloquium next week

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“It is better to speak of a Declaration of Nullity rather than an Annulment…” —Most Rev. Gracida (1994)

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Could this have something to do with how each line comes through “cleanly” in 3-part music?

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Richard Rice • SATB Kyrie from Mass VIII
2015 June 22 by Jeff Ostrowski

A luxuriant choral setting of the Kyrie from “Mass of the Angels”

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Mother Angelica sat down for a wonderful interview with a famous Theologian.

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When reading certain publications, one gets the sense that every Catholic in the world is up-in-arms about the present translation.

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