How Important Is The Poetic Value Of A Hymn?
2015 January 29 by Guest Author

“If Christians want me to believe in their god, they will have to sing me better hymns.” —Nietzsche

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Innocuous But Uninspired Music At Mass?
2015 January 28 by Jeff Ostrowski

In my youth, I recall singing some of these same songs at Mass, but I refused to do the hand gestures.

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Catholic Bulletin Art • Installment #68
2015 January 28 by Cynthia Ostrowski

Today’s installment is a third picture of the Epiphany—different than the two we’ve previously posted.

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PDF Download: Eucharistic Verset By Palestrina
2015 January 27 by Jeff Ostrowski

Your more advanced singers will love this piece by Palestrina!

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2015 January 27 by Aurelio Porfiri

“Immanentism means there is no reality beyond what we know…” —Aurelio Porfiri

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Donate To Corpus Christi Watershed
2015 January 26 by Jeff Ostrowski

A problem that’s plagued our organization for six (6) years has been fixed.

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Father Richard McBrien & The Passing Of An Era
2015 January 26 by Jeff Ostrowski

“My Roman collar is my television uniform.” —Fr. Richard McBrien

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Bishop Conley & Advent “Ad Orientem”
2015 January 25 by Fr. David Friel

The results are in.

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PDF Download: Saint Rose Hymnal (1938)
2015 January 24 by Jeff Ostrowski

“It contains about two hundred hymns—all from approved sources—and covers every phase of Catholic devotion.” —Foreword by the Bishop of La Crosse

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Preparing for Candlemas
2015 January 24 by Veronica Brandt

Your one-week-to-go guide to preparing for Candlemas.

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I am at daily mass, but through no virtue of my own. God has a way of drawing us toward him even when we resist.

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Musical Resources • Third Sunday after Epiphany
2015 January 23 by Jeff Ostrowski

Hymns can be implemented into the Latin High Mass with great effect.

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True Meaning Of The Word “Liturgy”
2015 January 22 by Jeff Ostrowski

Historically, “liturgy” referred to a service done for the people, not by them.

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“We feel that the selection of hymns leaves little to be desired…” —From the 1942 Foreword

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Showing Off During Mass
2015 January 20 by Aurelio Porfiri

“Many years ago I had a spiritual director that gave me a lesson that I have never forgotten…” —Aurelio Porfiri

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