“Hidden” Hymns by Cardinal Newman

2019 October 16

Fr. Nicholls points out that Saint Newman was an admirer of Beethoven at a time when Beethoven was still living.

A Professional Choir in Six Months

2019 October 15

I often wonder if some of the vitriol directed against the Church's music is due to its less than stellar presentation.

Incredible!!! • Ancient Kyriale MSS for Download

2019 October 10

Through the centuries, we observe a remarkable stability—in spite of variants, which will always exist.

PDF Download • SATB “Sanctus” by Orlando de Lassus

2019 October 07

We have completed part 1. When part 2 is finished, we'll release that, as well.

Pope Francis’ Address on Sacred Music: “Liturgy is the first ‘teacher’ of catechism.”

2019 October 04

"Do not forget this: the liturgy is the first ‘teacher’ of catechism.” — Pope Francis

Pope Francis: “Promote The Presence Of The Schola Cantorum In Every Parish Community!”

2019 October 03

Pope Francis said (28 September 2019) that liturgical music must be Holy, Artistic, and Universal.

A *What* School ?!!

2019 October 01

These are things a choir director needs to think about as he plans to build a successful choral foundation at his own cathedral or parish.