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“In older times we referred to humans as the human race, but according to this foundation we are being classed with the animals on the farm, the cow, the horse, the mule […] According to this foundation, I have no right to be born, for I am the youngest of 16 children, and God bless my mother for every one of them!”
— Archbishop Schrembs (d. 1945) vs. a foundation promoting artificial contraception
St. Jean de Brébeuf Hymnal • Sample Pages
published 17 June 2019 by Corpus Christi Watershed
“…hands down, the best Catholic hymnal ever published. |[…] It is such a fantastic hymnal that it deserves to be in the pews of every Catholic church.”
|New Liturgical Movement website (10 June 2019)

“The Saint Jean de Brébeuf Hymnal will undoubtedly enrich liturgical life at the parish level by making accessible these ancient, noble, and theologically-rich Catholic hymns, translated into English in quite a beautiful way.”
|Rev’d Fr John Berg (Superior General Emeritus, FSSP)

“The editors of the Brébeuf Hymnal have done a great service to the profession [in this] extensively researched volume [which is] worthy of careful study by liturgical musicians. […] This detailed exploration of classic Latin hymnody and its English translations is not only a labor of love, but an original contribution to research, and I hope that the results of this research project are shared more widely for the use of musicologists and liturgical historians.”
|Journal of the Society for Catholic Liturgy (Volume 23.2, 2019)

“Its copious selection of hundreds of tunes and texts, including favorites, forgotten gems, and new commissions, all beautifully formatted and presented in a surprisingly compact hardcover volume, is not only unparalleled by any other current hymnal, but well exceeds that of any hymnal I have seen from any period.”
|New Liturgical Movement website (10 June 2019)

“This hymnal is a work of incredible scholarship which puts the fruit of that scholarship to work in a practical vehicle for opening the treasures of Catholic hymnody to the people.”
|Rev’d Fr Chris Smith (Pastor, Prince of Peace Catholic Church)