When You Go To Mass … Be This Guy!

2019 February 20

Bringing a falcon to Mass never crossed my mind…

An Outrageous “Paradox” I Cannot Accept

2019 February 19

I’m not someone who believes everything was perfect before Vatican II—but calling the EF “worldly” compared to the OF is just silly.

Sacred Architecture and Brexit

2019 February 17

A connecting link in the form of Gothic cathedrals

Update! • Accompaniments for the Brébeuf Hymnal

2019 February 14

Oh, if only…if only you knew what's going on behind the scenes!

The Cantor and Congregational Singing

2019 February 12

I wonder if we haven't lost sight of the cantor's original purpose of fostering congregational singing…

Breaking! • Father Edwin C. Dwyer Development?

2019 February 11

Did Bishop A. Hurley have a change of heart?

“Your Choirmaster” • What Nobody Realizes

2019 February 07

Do you see the part where it specifically asks for humiliation?

Fourth-Century Advice for Choir Directors

2019 February 02

A passage from Nicetas of Remesiana remains eminently applicable today.