A Reason To Hope

2019 April 30

We need to remember how small the amount of yeast is that is needed to leaven the dough.

St. Jean de Brébeuf Hymnal • Order Yours Today!

2019 April 29

This 932-page pew book does not imitate Protestant hymnals—it's Catholic to the core!

Organ Accompaniment • Brébeuf Hymnal (1,292 pages)

2019 April 25

Act before May 2nd and take 15% off your entire order!!!

Josef Hofmann: “King of Pianists”

2019 April 22

This excerpt from a 1980 radio interview with Abe Chasins proves I'm not crazy…

PDF Download • “Cheat Sheet” for Easter Vigil

2019 April 20

Releasing this is probably a bad idea…too late!

PDF Download • Organ Interludes for Manuals!

2019 April 19

I will most definitely be playing these pieces—based on hymn tunes—by Georg Philipp Telemann!

Oreste Ravanello's Easy Pieces for Organ

2019 April 13

A dozen easy little pieces for organ.

The Amazing Uy Family Singers!

2019 April 12

Not a piece you expected to hear today!

In 1991, Buchanan Predicted Ratzinger’s Election

2019 April 10

“If the Latin Mass were available, 8% of Catholics would go every Sunday, 17% would attend frequently, and 51% occasionally.” —1991 Poll

(captured by iPhone) • Rehearsing for the Symposium

2019 April 10

Do me a huge favor…

Brébeuf Harmony Edition • “Splendid Beyond Words”

2019 April 09

Folks, there's just one word for this: WOW.

PDF Download • Spectacular “Tenebrae” Booklet

2019 April 08

Mr. Albert Bloomfield has done us a breathtaking favor.

St. Michael the Archangel Prayer…in Gregorian Chant!

2019 April 06

From a rare book of Franciscan chants (1902)

PDF Download • Mystery Kyriale (100 Pages)

2019 April 04

Nobody knows the author or date of publication.

Immediate Financial Assistance Needed!

2019 April 01

We went a year and a half without any fundraisers, but now we need help.