(Transcript) • Archbishop Sample’s Sermon from the National Shrine Solemn Pontifical Mass

2018 April 30

“I myself first discovered the Traditional Latin Mass as a college student.” —Most Rev’d Sample

Choosing Choral Repertoire

2018 April 30

Is it okay for choirmasters to program the same piece several Sundays in a row?

Yesterday’s Solemn Mass Was An Inflection Point

2018 April 29

Consider three (3) clerics who took part in this Solemn Mass at the National Shrine

This Saturday! • Solemn Pontifcal Mass in D.C.

2018 April 26

Archbishop Sample will be offering a Solemn Pontifical Mass at the National Shrine in DC.

Directing A Choir: Are You Tough Enough?

2018 April 24

Your sense of humor says it all…

Opportunity to study Polyphony in San Francisco

2018 April 23

Dr. Michael Alan Anderson is a superb director.

Spanish Missal Chants Now Available

2018 April 22

A collection of fine resources are available from the Domenico Zipoli Institute

Listening and Mission

2018 April 20

All that matters is God’s call of service—God’s agenda. This mission of service is primary. Service is a form of love.

Teaching Gregorian Chant to Boys with Changed Voices

2018 April 17

The boys encountered the same learning curves the adult men had previously, but their facility in solfege speed up the learning process.

What does Cicero have to do with the Breviary?

2018 April 16

A proposal for “mutual enrichment”

Photos • Two Recent Solemn Masses in Hong Kong

2018 April 12

This wasn't my first time serving as a subdeacon, but it was a trembling experience.

Tone Quality and Your Singers

2018 April 10

Ultimately it doesn't matter if your choir resonates well and sings beautiful vowels but can't communicate via the music…

The Turns at Benediction

2018 April 08

To the Right or to the Left?

“ Dissonance? ” • Gregorian Accompaniment

2018 April 05

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Ratzinger’s 1987 Letter to a Former Catechism Student

2018 April 03

The Pope Emeritus presents church music as something central to life.

“Crotalus” • How Does It Sound?

2018 April 02

Holy Thursday pew version from a pocket recorder.

I Was Wrong to Dread the “Pre-1955” Holy Week

2018 April 02

Five (5) differences between the ancient rites of Holy Week (“Pre-1955”) and the Pius XII version.

Summer Chant Courses—Dunwoodie

2018 April 01

Two course offerings from the St. Cecilia Academy for Pastoral Musicians