Brave Director Posts “Live” Recording

2017 October 31

A word of encouragement for choirmasters…

Hymn by Professor at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary

2017 October 30

This PDF score has the Latin (on one side) and two English versions on the other.

Powerful & Thought-Provoking

2017 October 30

“We are giving the world a chance to think about the ethics of choosing which humans get a chance at life.”

PDF Download • Congregational “Dies Irae”

2017 October 29

…including two reasons I believe a liturgical reform was desired in the 1960s.

All Saints and the Extraordinary Form of the Mass

2017 October 29

The Roman Rite gives strong attention to the presence of the saints.

A Requiem on All Souls Day at St. Patrick's Cathedral

2017 October 27

This work is based on the Gregorian Chants of the Requiem Mass. It was directly inspired by the Requiem Mass in the Extraordinary Form at the 2012 Sacred Music Colloquium in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Christ The King Sunday (5th in October)

2017 October 26

“Jesus answered: Thou sayest that I am a King. For this was I born, and for I this came I into the world…”

Josquin Des Prez Vandalized Stuff (!)

2017 October 26

It's hard for us to remember that the famous composers were not hired as such—they were hired as singers.

Singing with Peter Philips

2017 October 26

Peter Philips: "Polyphony shouldn't be sung with absolute straight tone—that is not real singing!"

“Why Sacred Music Hasn’t Been Killed” [Six Reasons]

2017 October 25

Lyrics from GIA Worship IV Hymnal: “Who is this who eats with sinners, calling luckless losers winners?”

The Spirit of All Souls’ Day

2017 October 22

A thought from Dietrich von Hildebrand

[299 pages] • Simple Polyphony For Choirs

2017 October 20

Every single piece has free rehearsal videos for your choir members!

January 7-12 • Mahrt, Weber, and Buchholz!

2017 October 20

The Church Music Association of America is pleased to announce the third Winter Sacred Music Workshop for Chant and Polyphony.

Sensational Testimony • On Our Feastday!

2017 October 19

“Fr. Ryan told me he's amazed at how the liturgy has been transformed, and that never in seminary did he believe this kind of liturgy would be possible at a Montana parish.”

20th Sunday after Pentecost (4th in October)

2017 October 19

“…be ye filled with the holy Spirit, speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns, and spiritual canticles, singing and making melody in your hearts to the Lord…”

PDF Download • Rare German Hymnal

2017 October 17

Fr. Guido Maria Dreves was a Jesuit priest who died in 1909.

Video • “Subveníte Sancti Dei” (Requiem)

2017 October 15

November 2nd will be here soon!

6th-Century Icon: God of Mercy and Justice

2017 October 15

A thoughtful reading of an icon at the Holy Monastery of Saint Catherine in Sinai, Egypt

Christus Vincit - Christ Conquers

2017 October 14

A little more on the triumphal chant inspired from Roman victory celebrations.

19th Sunday after Pentecost (3rd in October)

2017 October 14

“Let Thy healing power, O Lord, in mercy deliver us from our waywardness and cause us ever to cleave to Thy commandments…”

Saturday! • Bishop Serratelli to offer Solemn EF Mass

2017 October 12

Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli has several times served as chairman of the USCCB Committee on Divine Worship.

The Problem of Acedia

2017 October 10

We rarely speak of greatness in the Church anymore for fear of driving people away, yet look at all of the men who responded to the call of the priesthood because of the example of Pope St. John Paul II.

PDF Download • Responsorial Psalms (502 Pages)

2017 October 09

Composer Brian Michael Page releases his work of 22 years!

In the Beauty of Holiness: Music and the Transcendent

2017 October 08

New Lecture Series at the International Institute for Culture

EF Introit for this coming Sunday: “Da Pacem”

2017 October 06

Never let anyone tell you there is no longer interest in Gregorian chant.

Three Entrance Antiphons for the Celebration of Marriage

2017 October 06

Free Download: Three Entrance Antiphons For the Celebration of Marriage

18th Sunday after Pentecost (2nd in October)

2017 October 06

“Let the operation of Thy mercy, we beseech Thee O Lord, direct our hearts, for without Thee we cannot please Thee.”

A Liturgical Tragedy

2017 October 05

I have experienced a similar situation before, and it was not a pleasant experience.

Superlative Way To Explain Polyphony

2017 October 04

To use melodies in this way may seem an easy task, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Agnus Dei • “Missa Mille Regretz” by Fr. Cristóbal de Morales (d. 1553)

2017 October 03

Can you hear the imaginary high note?

A Silver Jubilee

2017 October 03

Many things have changed over the last quarter of a century in the field of church music and thankfully most of them have been for the better.

Printable Card • “Prayers at the Foot of the Altar”

2017 October 01

A handy resource for priests and servers