Major Typo • This Sunday's Introit

2017 July 31

Can you spot the error?

Pastoral Care of Persons with Disabilites

2017 July 30

Catholics with disabilities have a right to participate in the sacraments as fully as other members of the local ecclesial community.

The “Charism” of Saying “No”

2017 July 28

The ability to say "no" is an important gift of which much good can come, if used with wisdom, mercy, and kindness.

How Is The “Kiss of Peace” Done Properly?

2017 July 27

Do the Altar Servers receive the Kiss of Peace?

Musical Resources • 8th Sunday after Pentecost

2017 July 27

“We have received Thy mercy, O God, in the midst of Thy temple…”

Seven Rules for Church Music (Sir Richard Terry)

2017 July 26

“Is plainsong really so dull and dry as some of our singers would have us believe?”

Video • FSSP Altar Server Training Camp

2017 July 25

The FSSP seminarians exceeded all expectations!

What really happened at the Convocation of Catholic Leaders

2017 July 25

Beautiful liturgical music happened—in a hotel ballroom, no less!

“Tu Es Petrus” • Commissioned for the Symposium

2017 July 24

This piece by Kevin Allen is based on the plainsong Communion antiphon.

Seven Rules for Writing Sermons

2017 July 23

Guidance from Bl. John Henry Cardinal Newman

Recording • Choral Mattins with John Rutter

2017 July 20

Here is some great church music coming from the Anglican Cathedral of Hong Kong

“Mode 4” • How To Teach Your Choir

2017 July 19

Did you notice the “ups and downs” were omitted? The choir will fill those in…

Palestrina and the Perfecting of the Medieval Ideal of Music as Rational • (Part 3 of 3)

2017 July 19

We look to Mary to understand the “self reflection” of sacred polyphony.

Video • Wilko Brouwers

2017 July 18

Can anyone identify the composer of this piece?

Organ Improvisation • Stupefyingly Awesome!

2017 July 17

Does this constitute an organic development?

Solemn Mass • 1941 vs. 2017

2017 July 16

A clever video juxtaposes Fr. Favole's First Solemn Mass…


2017 July 16

The Vineyard of God

Benedict XVI’s Message At Cardinal Meisner’s Funeral

2017 July 15

“When, on his last morning, Cardinal Meisner did not appear at Mass, he was found dead in his room.”

Culmen Et Fons 2017 • On Liturgical Formation • September 18-22

2017 July 14

"[T]he parish has seen an astonishing increase in Mass attendance and financial stewardship owing in large part to the addition of a weekly traditional Latin Missa Cantata, use of handcrafted Roman vestments, emphasis on sacred music..."

Singing with John Rutter

2017 July 13

Rutter: "When they join together, they become one; and they share an experience which they couldn't have on their own."

Does Polyphony “Fit” Ordinary Form Masses?

2017 July 11

Can you hear the difference? Listen closely to the third section.

PDF Download • (2,292 Pages) Choral Music in Latin & English by Richard Rice

2017 July 10

A stunning announcement by Richard Rice!

JPII: “The Roman Church Has Special Obligations to Latin”

2017 July 09

This vision of the Church’s relationship with Latin is quite different from the perspective held by many post-conciliar liturgists.

Symposium 2017 Was A Spectacular Success!

2017 July 06

“I cannot say enough good things about my experience at the symposium. Words cannot express just how wonderful it was to be there, and how much I brought back with me.”

The Most Sensitive Musical Instrument

2017 July 06

"Have you thanked God for this failure already?"

Formation in the Liturgy

2017 July 02

Remarkable Speech by a High School Valedictorian