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“You have thereby removed from the celebration of the Mass all superstitions, all greed for lucre, and all irreverence … removed its celebrations from private homes and profane places to holy and consecrated sanctuaries. You have banished from the temple of the Lord the more effeminate singing and musical compositions.”
— Bishop Racozonus, speaking at the last session of the Council of Trent (1563)

Members’ Page • Sacred Music Symposium 2017
published 8 April 2017 by Corpus Christi Watershed

    * *  PDF Download • Alfred Calabrese Repertoire for amateur choirs

    * *  PDF Download • Choral Repertoire for Children


The final schedule:

    * *  PDF Download • Final Schedule


The following is not fully complete, but we work on it each day:

    * *  REPERTOIRE for Sacred Music Symposium 2017


Booklet you’ll receive when you arrive at the conference:

    * *  PDF Download • Symposium Booklet (260 pages)

Please excuse typos on pages: 239 (“cord”); 33 (“Thursday” is wrong for Dr. King); etc.

Here’s an Index of the required music.

Dress Code:

We will visit the Church most days, so dress with modesty in mind. (Men, no shorts. Women, modest clothes.) We ask you to dress nicely for the Masses on Thursday and Friday. Everyone attending this conference knows what it means to dress “nicely,” and we’ll simply leave it at that.

However, regarding the Nuptial Mass on FRIDAY, make sure you’re comfortable. The Old Mission Church is air conditioned, but with so many bodies filling it, doesn’t always feel air conditioned. Moreover, there is not excessive space. Please dress comfortably. We apologize that the Old Mission Church is not as luxurious as some modern structures—but if our Lord Jesus Christ suffered on the Cross for three hours, surely we can manage for one hour!

Other items:

    * *  Facebook page for Symposium 2017

    * *  Potential of Sharing Rooms

    * *  When people are arriving at which airport

    * *  Shuttle Bus List (26 June 2017)