Masterful “Salve Regina” by 17th-Century Portuguese Composer

2017 April 30

This is the sort of setting that could only have derived from faith and grown out of the experience of praying these words repeatedly and fervently.

Justice Antonin Scalia on Church Music

2017 April 30

“I would go there Sunday morning and sing Palestrina, William Byrd, Mozart…this magnificent choral music.”

Sing everyday! Regina Caeli!

2017 April 29

Singing isn't just a Sunday thing - if you want to sing well, then it's good to sing everyday! Bring this ancient antiphon into your life and see how it goes.

The Older I Get…

2017 April 28

The older I get, the more I spend on these. If not, what good am I to the prayer of the people?

Is This Any Way to Pray at Mass?

2017 April 27

My daughter freaked out when I told her this.

2nd Macau International Choir Festival

2017 April 27

Register before August 20 to participate in the 2nd Macau International Choir Festival

Take 2 Voice Lessons and Call Me in the Morning

2017 April 26

I watched in fascination as one of the tenors strained to reach notes obviously out of his range. I had never heard the chest voice *forced* so high in the male register.

Brace Yourself • “Raw” Recordings from Solemn Mass

2017 April 25

There's something remarkable about instances where the people involved don't realize a recording is being made.

PDF Download • “Compline for Sunday”

2017 April 23

My ignorance vis–à–vis the 1962 Breviary will astound you…

Nine Questions About The Latin Mass You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

2017 April 21

When I first attended the Traditional Mass, I hated it.

The Dedication of a Church • The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Voyage, Boston

2017 April 21

The Dedication of a Church is a rare event in anyone's lifetime.

Musical Resources • “Quasimodo Sunday”

2017 April 21

“Receive ye the Holy Ghost; whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them, and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained.”

Patterns in the Easter Sequence

2017 April 20

I had a go at finding the structure of the melody…

Chorister Training • Regensburg Cathedral Choir School

2017 April 18

Here we see the result of so much hard work, one of the great Cathedral Choirs of the world!

Palestrina and the Perfecting of the Medieval Ideal of Music as Rational • (Part 2 of 3)

2017 April 17

The polyphonic imitative style of the Renaissance is a refection of the rational mind and the music of heaven.

PDF Download • Last Minute Holy Saturday File

2017 April 17

“The use of Psalm 150 is a change from the experimental Easter Vigil (1951-1955) in which Psalm 116 was used for Lauds.” —Msgr. McManus

Introducing the Wethersfield Institute Chant Workshop

2017 April 16

A new chant workshop in upstate New York in June 2017.

“Reproaches” for Good Friday (Recording)

2017 April 15

The indispensable “Musician's Guide to Good Friday,” including a 50-page PDF and rehearsal videos!

Descent into Hell and The Greatest Act of Love

2017 April 14

Read the words of John 3:16 again.

Do these Holy Thursday rubrics strike you as odd?

2017 April 13

I haven't studied the situation enough to know with certainty.

“Contemporary” Catholic Music • Is it truly dead?

2017 April 12

Today we announce a special guest who will be present at the Sacred Music Symposium!

Musical Resources • Holy Thursday (EF)

2017 April 12

“O God, from Whom Judas received the punishment of his crime, and the thief the reward of his confession…”

Accompaniment: “Credo III” (Parochial Hymnal)

2017 April 10

Easiest organ accompaniment to Credo III ever penned.

PDF Download • Booklet for Congregation

2017 April 10

May I share a secret?

Square Note App

2017 April 09

Bring your “Graduale Digitalum” wherever you go.

Members’ Page • Sacred Music Symposium 2018

2017 April 08

Private & Confidential

33 Days to Marian Consecration

2017 April 08

There are 33 days to prepare for the feast of Our Lady of Fatima this centenary year, starting Monday April 10.

Intensely Powerful • “Requiem” Production (FSSP)

2017 April 07

I've never seen a more beautiful promo video.

Sing Everything From the Viewpoint of the Resurrection

2017 April 07

Music has a way of describing the indescribable, of bringing to speech the ineffable. That is what our choirs must do this Holy Week.

Musical Resources • Palm Sunday (1962)

2017 April 07

“The multitude goeth forth to meet our Redeemer with flowers and palms, and payeth the homage due to a triumphant conqueror.”

It is Finished

2017 April 06

What can a musician learn from the last words of our crucified King?

Strong Vibrato • What Do You Think?

2017 April 05

In my view, a “tight” vibrato can be quite a beautiful thing.

Family Life and the Sacred Liturgy

2017 April 04

I can't imagine my family playing such an intimate role in the ceremonies of Holy Week, but it surely made an awesome impression on the von Trapps.

Mesmerizing Credo Setting (SATB) • After Machaut

2017 April 03

Two young ladies helped record these 14th-century harmonies.

Two Articles Worth Reading

2017 April 02

On “Liturgiam authenticam” and the Crisis in Art

Two Popes Singing “Our Father” in Latin

2017 April 02

Listen to the instructions John Paul II gives the Chicago congregation.

Musical Resources • 5th Sunday of Lent (“Passion”)

2017 April 01

The Jews therefore said to Him, “Thou art not yet fifty years old and hast Thou seen Abraham?”

Liturgical Language Barriers

2017 April 01

Learning enough to use Latin liturgically is important and easy if you have the information. Including a short video giving tips to cover most Church Latin pronunciation.