The Domestic Church and the domestic schola

2016 February 29

The family that sings together prays together.

Catholic Hymns Before Vatican II Will Shock You!

2016 February 28

In spite of what you may have read online, hymns in English were often sung during Low Mass.

Musical Resources • 3rd Sunday of Lent (EF)

2016 February 28

“…free us from all sins and dangers, as Thou dost grant us to be sharers in this great mystery…”

Sounds from the Spires • SiriusXM Radio • Jennifer Pascual

2016 February 26

Jennifer Pascual, Director of Music at St. Patrick's Cathedral hosts a weekly radio program on sacred music.

Video • The Altar Server “Must See”

2016 February 25

The altar server plays a very important role in the liturgy.

Rehearsal Videos • A Resplendent “Agnus Dei” You've Never Heard

2016 February 23

Can you hear the Canon between Soprano & Tenor?

PDF Download • “Latin in the New Liturgy” (1976)

2016 February 22

“The use of Latin in celebrating the new Mass Rite will be encouraged as it has been in the old; Latin expresses the nature of the Church as international and timeless.”

Video • Sacred or Secular?

2016 February 22

Sacred or Secular? What do you hear?

A Roman Catholic Cleric's Noble Robes

2016 February 20

The Archbishop of Kraków was (for a short time) Senator of the Second Polish Republic.

Funeral Mass • Justice Antonin Scalia

2016 February 20

You can download the program or view the full Mass online.

Recordings for A New Book of Old Hymns

2016 February 20

A little book of Gregorian chant hymns for the every occasion, with a collection of recordings for those unfamiliar with chant notation. Now more than a decade since the first edition and still going strong.

122 Messengers of Peace • Dona Nobis Pacem

2016 February 19

It's never just about the music.

Are you Praying the Mass?

2016 February 18

An old and holy priest talks about prayer and the liturgy.

PDF • Two Nice Versions of “Attende Domine”

2016 February 18

A good piece for Lent.

Dorothy Sayers and the Lost Tools of Learning

2016 February 16

We will never inspire a new generation of great Catholic musicians, so sorely needed at this time, if we don't open their eyes to the "Lost Tools of Learning Music" and point them to the One to Whose praises we hope to sing for ever in the Heavenly Jerusalem.

Something That Would Fix So Much … But Nobody Mentions It

2016 February 16

Is this “tacit” approval really “imaginary” approval?

“Credo for Two Voices” • Gustaaf Nees (d. 1965)

2016 February 15

This simple setting of Gregorian Credo IV uses organ, men's voices, and women's voices.

Repetition in the Roman Missal

2016 February 14

A Literary Approach in an Adoremus Bulletin Article

Canon Van Nuffel's Setting Of Smoke Rising

2016 February 14

“Smoke rises from the Mountain of Doom. The hour grows late, and Gandalf the Grey rides to Isengard seeking my counsel.”

Musical Resources • 1st Sunday of Lent (EF)

2016 February 14

“We solemnly offer the sacrifice at the beginning of Lent, O Lord…”

Save the Merit, Save the World

2016 February 13

Lenten discipline : St Philip Neri says "to love to be unknown"; Gandalf says "Keep it secret, keep it safe."

Motet • “Verbum Supernum” by Fr. Carlo Rossini

2016 February 12

This SATB setting can be used during any liturgical season and has “O Salutaris Hostia” as one of its verses.

Minimal Standards at Weddings and Funerals

2016 February 12

It is easier to capitulate than to educate.

“Audi Benigne Conditor” • Gregorian Hymn For Lent

2016 February 11

The text is by St. Gregory the Great, who was Pope from 590-604.

Three Common Misconceptions about Chant

2016 February 11

If we can solve these 3 misunderstandings, people can fall in love with chant easier!

Decapitation of an Innocent Meadowlark

2016 February 10

Do we remember that people in the pews often lack our musical background?

Francisco Guerrero • “Hymn To The Sacred Trinity” (SATB with Plainsong)

2016 February 09

Are you up for a special hymn challenge?

Chorister Vocal Pedagogy

2016 February 09

I hope this might serve as a foundation for your future work with young singers in your parish.

What Are You Doing For Lent?

2016 February 08

“The phone is our century's plague. It destroys character, interaction, friendships, families, and our time. We are glued to these devices.”

The Phrasing of the Sanctus

2016 February 07

The Difference a Comma Makes

Jesus Played Marbles

2016 February 06

A picture book painting an historical picture of Jesus' hidden life with the boys known in the Bible as His brothers while providing the evidence supporting the Catholic teaching of the perpetual virginity of Our Lady. And how to play marbles in a friendly way.

2016 • Sacred Music Symposium (Last Year's)

2016 February 05

We're approaching capacity—if you're interested, we need to hear from you soon!

Candles for Candlemas

2016 February 05

A light of Revelation to the Gentiles!

The Three Pillars of a Successful Parish

2016 February 05

There are three pillars that must be in place for a parish to sow the seeds of growth and vibrancy. If any one of them falls, the others suffer.

BBC's Choral Vespers from the London Oratory

2016 February 04

The Sung Vespers is currently featured by BBC Radio 3

Interview • Brandon Harvey, Founder of a New Institute

2016 February 04

Brandon Harvey introducing the new Ministry Institute of Christ the Servant

Exclusive Interview • Mr. Nancho Alvarez

2016 February 03

“I must point out that the content of my site is totally free, granting open access to everyone.” —Nancho Alvarez

“Ad Orientem” Image You’ll Want To Download

2016 February 03

This high resolution image portrays a priest offering Mass with the Holy Trinity above.

PDF Download • Simple Pieces For Roman Catholic Church Choirs (345 Pages)

2016 February 02

First published in 1901 by Emile Dethier, organist at the Grand Seminary in Liège, Belgium.

Ridiculously Awesome Sanctus You’ve Never Heard

2016 February 02

We are not allowed to sing Tropes in the Extraordinary Form, so I added that text in italics.

EWTN Broadcast • Mass of Ordination • First Bishop of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter

2016 February 01

The elevation of bishop by Pope Francis of Bishop-Elect Steven J. Lopes is highly significant as the First Bishop of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter.