Give Yourself a Boost in the New Choral Year

2016 August 31

The grandmother of 5 choristers informed me that one of her granddaughters told her rehearsal wasn't long enough—it seemed to be over just as it was starting!

Has Our Catholic Culture Been Completely Dismantled?

2016 August 31

Art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.

Does Our Enlightened Age Still Need “Sacred” Music?

2016 August 30

This short clip from “It's a Wonderful Life” helps us understand…

Beautiful Manuscript • Priest Offering Mass

2016 August 28

I'd like to know more about this manuscript.

On the Spirit of Conservation

2016 August 28

A Reflection on the National Parks, Sacred Architecture, and “Laudato Si”

Musical Resources • 15th Sunday after Pentecost

2016 August 27

“Let Thy continual pity, O Lord, cleanse and fortify Thy Church…”

The Reason for Choir — Paul Mealor

2016 August 27

Welsh composer, Paul Mealor, talks about the importance of choral music.

Communion Antiphons for Advent & Christmas • NEW • World Library Publications

2016 August 26

World Library Publications has published settings of Communion propers for Advent and Christmas. Listen here to beautiful recordings directed by Paul French.

The Eight Gregorian Psalm Tones (PDF)

2016 August 25

I'm sick of looking for this chart online!

“Simple Kyriale” for Dumb Organists Like Me!

2016 August 25

Fr. Valentine used to say: “You can play 100 notes right, and miss just one—and people will criticize you for that wrong one!”

I Am Moving Again!

2016 August 25

I will be studying at St. Joseph Seminary in the historical Diocese of Macau, China.

Can You Hear The Difference?

2016 August 24

Do you prefer polyphony recorded by just my voice, or mixed with “real” voices?

A New Choral Year Off to the Races

2016 August 23

If you aren't used to working with children, it can be a bit daunting on your first day…

“Ad Orientem” • Why I'm Rejoicing over Sloppy Errors in the Catholic Herald

2016 August 23

His assertion that “smoking out enemies” is best done by appointing them to high positions in the Vatican is absurd.

Essence, Form, Experience

2016 August 21

Fourth Annual Art of the Beautiful Lecture Series

New Resource from the Archdiocese of Boston for First Communion and Confirmation

2016 August 19

The most important element of this document is not the list of hymns and chants, but the vital coupling of faith formation and sacred music.

“Polyphony For Dummies”

2016 August 18

A new video presentation with excellent audio samples.

Strive for Excellence

2016 August 16

Let's face facts—the English cathedral system of forming church musicians works.

Breathtaking Images from Poland

2016 August 16

A liturgical workshop took place in Licheń, Poland from 4-11 August 2016.

Hymn for St. Thomas More & St. John Fisher

2016 August 15

Fascinating verses by Msgr. Ronald Knox

Catholic Bulletin Art • Installment #71

2016 August 15

If you're confused about what's happening, search google for “Dormition of Mary.”

World Youth Day Krakow: Music Recordings

2016 August 14

Seventeen (17) Tracks Now Available on iTunes Choir Communiqué • 12 August 2016

2016 August 12

This coming Sunday, there will be rehearsal…

The Difficulty of Cultivating a Prayerful Focus for Musicians

2016 August 12

Quiet prayer for church musicians is very difficult to come by. Here are nine things one may find helpful.

Musical Resources • 14th Sunday after Pentecost

2016 August 12

“May Thy Sacraments, O Lord, ever purify and fortify us…”

Major Media Outlet Re: “Ad Orientem”

2016 August 12

Corpus Christi Watershed is mentioned and cited!

Hymn Tunes • What's Up With Naming Them?

2016 August 11

Until recently, most Catholic hymnals didn't have a metrical index!

Worst Typo Of All Time?

2016 August 10

This one got by the editor's eye!

Too Many Sopranos? Try This Canon!

2016 August 09

A compositional miracle by Rev’d Tomás Luis de Victoria (d. 1611).

Being Careful With Hymns

2016 August 08

Each individual “ear” must decide what is acceptable.

A Different Kind of World Youth Day

2016 August 07

Sacred Music Helped to Transform Tauron Arena Kraków into a House of Prayer

Interesting Points in this Sunday's Offertory

2016 August 06

Do you understand why I've highlighted various points?

“Ad Orientem” and Granovetter’s Threshold Models of Collective Behavior

2016 August 05

The people deserve to know the truth. It is time for ignorance to end so that the faithful may develop informed opinions.

St. Josemaría and the Mass

2016 August 04

These pictures can prove St. Josemaría's love for the Old Mass.

The “Long & Short” of Latin Hymns

2016 August 03

Such underlay would be considered loathsome by composers like Guerrero. Indeed, it's an impossibility!

Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli in Cappa Magna

2016 August 02

Anyone care to hazard a guess regarding why a blue biretta would have been used circa 1933?

Does Your Bishop Enforce The GIRM?

2016 August 01

They will assume—and why shouldn't they?—that “approved by the USCCB” applies to the hymns and songs…