How to train your dragon and the Easter Vigil Alleluia

2016 April 30

Hearing a movie theme in the Alleluia verse from the Easter Vigil. Gregorian chant has all the good tunes.

Children's Choir in a Typical Suburban Parish? Endless Possibilities!

2016 April 29

Children who sing today will be the foundation of our Church in the future.

Musical Works of Mercy

2016 April 28

How can we help others spiritually through music?

Propers for St. Joseph the Worker

2016 April 27

This Sunday falls on May 1st, so the EF feast is “St. Joseph the Workman.”

The Devil Gets in the Details

2016 April 26

Just remember to laugh, thank the Good Lord and keep your coffee off of the piano!

Rehearsal videos • “Veni Creator Spiritus” (Fauxbourdon)

2016 April 25

Modern ears don't always enjoy the sound of extremely ancient music—do you?

Instruction on Sacred Music by Bishop John Doerfler

2016 April 24

Introducing a Five-Year Plan for the Future of Sacred Music in the Diocese of Marquette

Our Lady’s Royal Ancestry • Gregorian Chant

2016 April 24

“Richer than I you can never be—I had a Mother who read to me.”

Musical Resources • Fourth Sunday after Easter (Extraordinary Form)

2016 April 24

“…grant Thy peoples that they may love what Thou commandest and desire what Thou dost promise…”

Dazzling Canon • “Adoremus in Aeternum”

2016 April 23

John Paul II: “For compositions of liturgical music, I make my own the general rule of St. Pius X…”

Who Says Young People Can’t Sing Traditional Sacred Music?

2016 April 23

2 groups of high schoolers, over 200 young people, proved that they can sing and pray with traditional church music.

Musician • Center of Attention or Servant?

2016 April 22

Applause from a congregation for musicians, or musicians that impede congregational singing for the sake of personal artistry, are but symptoms. The church musician has been misidentified as a separate entity—a showpiece—and not properly identified as a servant of the liturgy, a servant of God, a servant of the people.

Shocking Parallels By Guerrero

2016 April 22

I've seen similar passages by Orlando Lassus.

Les Misérables and the Year of Mercy

2016 April 21

Watch and Listen to Les Misérables during the Year of Mercy!

Benedictus & Hosanna • “Missa Beata Mater”

2016 April 20

My friend was in charge of picking music for papal Masses under Pope St. John Paul II.

“Catholic Choirmaster” • Fascinating Photo Taken 29 August 1964

2016 April 19

CMAA was formed the same year "Inter Oecumenici" was issued by the Vatican.

Spring Concert • Most Pure Heart of Mary Schola Cantorum

2016 April 19

Your are invited to the MPHM Schola Cantorum's Spring Concert!

Position Opening • Music Director for the NY Dominican Parish

2016 April 18

The Parish of St. Vincent Ferrer and St. Catherine of Siena in New York City is looking for a Director of Music and Organist.

In Memoriam • Sister Clare Crockett

2016 April 18

She passed away when the community’s house collapsed during the earthquake that hit the Ecuadorian coast on 16 April 2016.

“No Time For Cowardice” • My Open Letter To Liturgy Columnists

2016 April 18

Too many columnists focus endlessly on minutiae while leaving untouched a crucial issue.

Feeding Our Children Liturgical “Garbage”

2016 April 16

Some of you know I've been extremely ill for more than two years…

Musical Resources • Third Sunday after Easter (Extraordinary Form)

2016 April 16

“O God, Who dost show the light of Thy truth to them that go astray…”

Picture • Pope Pius XII in St. Peter's (Low Mass)

2016 April 15

With a lovely chasuble!

Church Madness 2016

2016 April 13

Put down your vote for Church Madness 2016!

World Youth Day with polyphony and chant!

2016 April 12

Help us bring polyphony and chant to World Youth Day!

You Will Want To Download These!

2016 April 11

Written out sheets for the Rite of Confirmation in the Extraordinary Form.

Ven. Pope Pius XII Singing The Preface

2016 April 10

We normally sing the way we heard the priest singing as a child…

More on Angelus Bells

2016 April 09

More bells - enormous bells from Cologne Cathedral, bells from the country in southern France and bells from Ohio.

I Claim You for Christ

2016 April 08

"One of the most emotional experiences of my life was during the baptism of my second child. The words hit me like a ton of bricks...time froze, and I was bowled over in my heart..."

“Tantum Ergo” • Eleven (11) Harmonizations

2016 April 08

Do you know what the “Tantum Ergo” means, word for word?

“Et Cum Spiritu Tuo” in the 1961 Fulton Sheen Missal

2016 April 07

What Fr. Philip Caraman does may surprise you…

Free Downloads • Works by Cardinal Bartolucci (Part 2)

2016 April 07

More choral works by Cardinal Bartolucci are available on the Domenico Bartolucci Foundation website.

“I confess that I was a liturgical nut” says Bishop consecrated by Pope Paul VI

2016 April 06

“The liturgy is not only worship of God; it is the way we are formed in our faith.” —Bishop Gracida

Musical and Liturgical Life at the St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center

2016 April 06

Praising our Extraordinary God in the Ordinary Form

Mass Propers • Fascinating Articles From 1924

2016 April 05

Editors of “The Tablet” felt these essays were horrendous!

We Need Assistance! Please Help Watershed Survive!

2016 April 05

My 5-part series requesting donations seems to have failed miserably—with a few notable exceptions.

A Musically Model Parish

2016 April 05

I thought I would share some visioning ideas regarding music in the Ordinary Form parish.

“Hymn To The Blessed Virgin Mary” • Caswall & Parry

2016 April 04

Choirs not yet ready for SATB hymn singing will love this version for two voices!

Ward Method Studies • Space Available!

2016 April 04

The chant must be sung lightly, and not too slowly.

Musical Resources • Low Sunday (1962 Missal)

2016 April 03

“In the day of My resurrection, saith the Lord, I will go before you into Galilee…”

Which Masses Would You Choose?

2016 April 03

If you had the opportunity to add more festive music to selected feasts in the liturgical year, to which would you give preference?

The Chapel Royal Solemn Vespers is Available on BBC

2016 April 01

A recording of the Solemn Vespers at the Chapel Royal is now available on BBC's website.

O Happy Fault • Nine things that are pure privilege

2016 April 01

Such a reference to original sin—a positive reference—seems quite strange to us.