Guinea Pigs and the Old Sequence for All Souls Day

2015 October 31

Dies Irae - day of wrath and day of mourning. Our pets' passing provided a poignant reminder of our mortality.

Text and Emotion • Our Pastoral Responsibility

2015 October 30

Treat the Word of God carelessly, and we will lose our orientation towards the Divine. It is therefore, a pastoral responsibility to ensure the God's Word reaches the faithful.

“Te Saeculorum” • Simple, Sensational, SATB

2015 October 30

Were you aware of this amazing piece by Raphaël Mercier?

It’s All About The Players

2015 October 29

The social construct of a choir should be like an inverted pyramid.

An American Requiem

2015 October 28

A Funeral Guide for helping Catholic pastors, choirmasters and families in America honor our beloved dead.

Gregorian Chant for All Saints (November 1st)

2015 October 27

“Gaudeamus” is a wonderful Gregorian chant.

VIDEO • Cardinal Pell On The Synod

2015 October 26

“The text has certainly been significantly misunderstood…”

“Story Of Redemption” For Children (1952)

2015 October 26

“I'm sure you'll enjoy the beautiful poems, songs, and pictures…” —Very Rev. Norbert M. Shumaker

Catholic Artists Society

2015 October 25

The Art of the Beautiful Lecture Series 2015-2016

How to do Marian Hymns

2015 October 24

Listen to a young group drawing together many different styles of sacred music into new collection. Choir Communiqué • 23 October 2015

2015 October 23

We had a marvelous rehearsal on Wednesday.

Musical Resources • Feast of Christ the King (Extraordinary Form)

2015 October 23

“And all the kings of the earth shall adore Him; all nations shall serve Him…”

The Seraphim Singers • World Première of work by Adam Wood and Richard J. Clark

2015 October 23

World Premiere of my collaboration with poet, Adam Wood

4 Choral Combinations that would Help Develop You Music Program

2015 October 22

4 combinations of voices that would help develop your parish music program.

PDF Download • “Christ The King Hymnal” (1955)

2015 October 21

An extremely rare Canadian hymnal produced by Rev. Aloysius Knauff.

Watershed Turns Nine Today!

2015 October 19

Talking about perennial truths doesn't get as many "clicks" as provocative headlines or character assassination.

VIDEO • “Were The Dark Ages Really Dark?”

2015 October 19

An interesting video by Anthony Esolen.

Catholic Bulletin Art • Installment #70

2015 October 19

The feast of Christ the King approaches!

Beautiful Photo Of Blessed Pope Paul VI

2015 October 19

The entrance procession from his coronation.

World Meeting of Families 2015 & the Papal Visit to Philadelphia — Part 2 of 2

2015 October 18

Monsignor Marini’s Final Encouragement to Papal Mass Servers

Yikes! Even The Monastery Of Solesmes

2015 October 17

Did you notice how they carefully deleted all the beautiful artwork?

“Regina Caeli” Sung By Young Children

2015 October 17

They miss an ictus or two, but it still sounds glorious!

Musical Resources • 21st Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)

2015 October 17

“…in Thine infinite mercy, O Lord, restore our souls to health…”

Watershed Needs Your Help To Continue!

2015 October 16

“Watershed has been extremely helpful and has brought so much solace and support…”

The Church Must Be Countercultural

2015 October 15

What music is appropriate for a wedding?

My New Assignment—Part 2

2015 October 15

An update on my new assignment.

What? Sundays after Pentecost?

2015 October 15

Be careful this year.

When Choirmasters Despair

2015 October 14

No matter how superb your music program is…

Taka... What?

2015 October 13

Kids love this!

Discussion of “Inclusivity” & “Diversity” at the Synod

2015 October 13

Remarks from Archbishop Chaput

“Saving” Gregorian Chant In The Ordinary Form

2015 October 12

Daniel Craig's review with a “signs of the times” digression.

Rediscovering “Musicam Sacram”

2015 October 12

I encountered anew this wonderfully clear and concise document about music in the liturgy.

Kyrie XI • Gregorian Chant

2015 October 11

I've wrongly neglected this famous chant. Choir Communiqué • 10 October 2015

2015 October 10

After the Recessional, I need to speak with the entire choir very briefly.

Musical Resources • 20th Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)

2015 October 10

“May these mysteries, we beseech thee, O Lord, bring us from heaven a healing medicine…”

VIDEO • Fr. Kevin Vogel On Gregorian Chant

2015 October 10

This video will interest lovers of sacred music.

New CD by the Sistine Chapel Choir

2015 October 10

Watch for more about the first ever commercial recording from the Sistine Chapel.

The Week In Review

2015 October 10

Seven random thoughts…

Digital vs. Pipe Organ • Who Wins?

2015 October 09

The debate between digital and pipe organs as been intensified by a collaboration between Sony’s GRAMMY®-nominated artist, Cameron Carpenter and organ builders Marshall & Ogletree. Is it a revolution?

Family and Work: both are full time jobs

2015 October 08

My children are now grown, but I'm not about to reveal any family secrets!

About Us • “Views from the Choir Loft”

2015 October 07

A Roman Catholic Liturgical Blog

Sloppy 1953 Schwann

2015 October 07

The “white notes” (as Dr. Joseph Lennards called them) are quite sloppy, which really took me by surprise.

The Power of Good Music

2015 October 06

Please, please don't ever underestimate the power of good music to touch hearts in either the work of evangelization or catechesis.

Something Unexpected

2015 October 05

Music is not and cannot be neutral.

Worst Song Ever?

2015 October 03

What Church musicians can learn from “Friday” by Rebecca Black.

Loading Choir Binders For Sunday (4 October)

2015 October 03

The life of a choirmaster is a life of sacrifice…

Believe. Connect. Disappear.

2015 October 02

The older I get, I prepare more not to receive accolades, but to become invisible.

Is this the “Proper” solution for you?

2015 October 01

I've decided to try an experiment that may work in other parishes.

Mass in the Ancient Form at a Basilica

2015 October 01

The Traditional Latin Mass is being offered regularly at the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul in Chattanooga.

Musical Resources • 19th Sunday after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)

2015 October 01

“Almighty and merciful God, in thy goodness put far from us all that may work us harm…”