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FSSP.la Choir Communiqué • 26 February 2015
published 26 February 2015 by Jeff Ostrowski

Number 1

The music for this Sunday has been posted here.

Number 2

Remember, according to the policy, if you’re in Engagé but didn’t attend rehearsal on Wednesday (25 Feb), I won’t be preparing a binder for you on Sunday because we must remain faithful to the policy. The next Engagé practice will be Wednesday (4 March) at 7:00pm at Jeff’s house.

Number 3

Here’s the secret password:

Jeff, I understand that my priority for Sunday’s Mass is Arbor Decora (secretly Kyrie) then Du Fay Agnus Dei. I realize “parody” here doesn’t mean funny.

Number 4

On Sunday, I’d like for us to sing the Du Fay Agnus Dei.

Please: learn it. Please. Please learn it.

Notice that Donné & Engagé will team up to sing the Palestrina “Parody” Kyrie. As we talked about on Wednesday, “parody” Masses have nothing to do with humor or funny jokes. It’s the most common technique for Masses in the high Renaissance.

Please run over the KYRIE (parody) and see if you can sing the correct words. How’d you do? Was it easy? It’s really a great piece, right? Remember, to rehearse this piece, practice the Solfège version of ARBOR DECORA given at that website.

Number 5

Both groups will meet in the choir loft at 6:30pm to rehearse the Du Fay Agnus Dei & Palestrina Parody Kyrie. Donné members will meet for their rehearsal at 5:45pm as usual.

Are you excited? Are you pumped? THIS IS GOING TO ROCK!

Number 6

If you absolutely have the Du Fay Agnus & Palestrina Arbor memorized, you can start learning our Eastertide piece:

Go HERE and scroll to the bottom.