Solfege? There's an app for that.

2015 February 28

“Excuse me, I have to go work on my green belt.”

Helping Your Deacon or Priest Learn the Exsultet

2015 February 27

Singing the "Exsultet" can be intimidating! Six pages of endless notes and words? Here are some helpful tools.

Video • Padre Pio Celebrates Mass (5 May 1956)

2015 February 27

You can hear Padre Pio singing the Mass. Choir Communiqué • 26 February 2015

2015 February 26

On Sunday, both groups will come together at 6:30pm.

Musical Resources • 2nd Sunday of Lent

2015 February 26

The “Gloria in excelsis” is not said from Septuagesima Sunday until Easter, except on Holy Thursday, Holy Saturday, & some special feasts.

Screenshots Proving “Versus Populum” Was Allowed By The 1572 Missal

2015 February 26

A reader from Indonesia kindly sent us these…

“Salve Festa Dies” • SATB Choral Piece By Canon Jules Van Nuffel (d. 1953)

2015 February 25

Who wouldn't welcome this fresh & contemporary piece for Easter?

Permission Needed to Replace the Propers?—(5 of 7)

2015 February 24

The practical end of formal approval.

Permission Needed to Replace the Propers?—(4 of 7)

2015 February 24

This year one, a seminarian from our parish is being ordained. He requested that we sing the Propers for his first Mass.

PDF Download: Two (2) Rare Franciscan Chant Books

2015 February 24

Many of these melodies cannot be easily found in any other book.

Pope Francis Condemned The Reform Of The Reform? Not Quite…

2015 February 23

“Devout people are the ones who will be most disturbed by the new liturgy.” —Pope Paul VI (11/26/1969)

Permission Needed to Replace the Propers?—(3 of 7)

2015 February 21

When the GIRM says "four options", they really mean four preferences...

Permission Needed to Replace the Propers?—(2 of 7)

2015 February 21

How modernism effects music and babies. And how UNICEF is like the Catholic Church.

Musical Resources • 1st Sunday of Lent

2015 February 21

The “Gloria in excelsis” is not said from Septuagesima Sunday until Easter, except on Holy Thursday, Holy Saturday, & some special feasts. Choir Communiqué • 20 February 2015

2015 February 20

On Sunday, both groups will come together at 6:30pm.

Permission Needed to Replace the Propers?—(1 of 7)

2015 February 20

“Tacit approval” alone isn’t getting the job done. It is abdicating authority to composers and publishers, pastors and liturgists.

PDF Download: 1896 “Liber Usualis” • Extremely Rare

2015 February 19

The book is 1,479 pages. The monastery of Solesmes certainly had a staggering output!

Bishop Slattery: “Why Did God Make Us?”

2015 February 19

It would not be wrong to say that the entire video revolves around Sacred music.

A Practical Secret

2015 February 19

“Condition choirs so that you have to tell them only once.”

An Educational Experience

2015 February 18

In order to preserve Sacred Music, a treasure and an essential part of the Church, education is very important.

Brave Schola Director Posts “Live” Recording

2015 February 17

Last Sunday, I stuck a recording device in my pocket.

Westminster Cathedral (London, England)

2015 February 17

“They were trapped and could do nothing but grin and bear it.”

Photograph • Pius X Consecrating French Bishops

2015 February 16

A beautiful photograph from Saint Peter's Basilica on 25 February 1906.

“What Must Be Sung Is The Mass” • Susan Benofy

2015 February 16

“For decades there were virtually no musical settings for the Propers in English.” —Susan Benofy

Bishops Care When Their Names Are “Tacitly” Used

2015 February 16

The current GIRM never mentions “tacit” approval.

Praying the Divine Office This Lent

2015 February 15

Exploring the Sites & Apps Devoted to the “Official Prayer of the Church”

Vexilla Regis Prodeunt (Gregorian Hymn)

2015 February 14

Oh, what a difference a thousand years makes…

Controversy Over Female Altar Servers

2015 February 14

“It will always be very appropriate to follow the noble tradition of having boys serve at the altar.” —Congregation for Divine Worship (15 March 1994)

The modern armchair chant scribes

2015 February 14

A great source of chant snippets for your booklets as well as a way to make the internet a better place.

Choir Rehearsal Is Prayer

2015 February 13

It is quite possible we won’t get to sing the music we rehearsed — a problem everyone in Boston is facing this Sunday. But choir rehearsal itself is a prayer. Choir Communiqué • 12 February 2015

2015 February 12

We are not allowed to have practice on Ash Wednesday…

Musical Resources • Quinquagesima Sunday

2015 February 12

«GLORIA in EXCELSIS» is not said from Septuagesima Sunday until Easter, except on Holy Thursday, Holy Saturday, & some special feasts.

Sing Prayerfully

2015 February 12

“He who sings prays twice,” but as church musicians, we don’t always feel prayerful and peaceful when we are singing…

What If You Never Again Had To “Teach” Your Choir Notes?

2015 February 12

“I think of Edison trying a thousand different times to create the light bulb and failing each time.” —Dr. Tappan

Lenten Acclamations To Genevan Psalm Tunes

2015 February 11

“Dom Beauduin realised that the singing of psalms and the reading of the Scriptures in divine worship is the greatest bond between Catholics and Protestants.” —Fr. Mark Woodruff

Teaching Polyphony To Singers Who Can't Read Music

2015 February 10

Your singers can't read music? No problem!

The Facts About Annibale Bugnini's Death

2015 February 10

The difference between correlation & causality.

Institutions Rather Than Events

2015 February 09

“It's a beautiful story, but how does it relate to sacred music?” —Dr. Tappan

“No Approval Needed for Substitute Songs” says USCCB • Exclusive Documentation

2015 February 09

“After six months and 70+ letters, I received a letter from the chairman of Bishops' Committee on the Liturgy.” —Dan Craig Choir Communiqué • 8 February 2015

2015 February 08

A lovely gesture…

Pastoral Difficulties with Recently Ordained Priests

2015 February 08

A Response to a Post at “Pray Tell”

Musical Resources • Sexagesima Sunday

2015 February 08

«GLORIA in EXCELSIS» is not said from Septuagesima Sunday until Easter, except on Holy Thursday, Holy Saturday, & some special feasts.

Motets and Midi practice tracks

2015 February 07

The search for practice tracks for Jesu Rex Admirabilis yielded a treasure trove of choir resources.

World Day for Consecrated Life and Leadership from the Laity

2015 February 06

Priests and musicians need each other and must mutually support each other. Both are immersed in the work of the liturgy, the most important act of evangelization.

Patience, Patience, Patience

2015 February 05

“I have known people who began teaching music in the class room and within a couple of years decided they would rather work for a bank.” —Lucas Tappan

The Greatest Enemy of Sacred Music?

2015 February 05

“When Gregorian Chant is being sung, our bodies naturally go into a more peaceful, still, and contemplative mode.” —Andrew Leung

Exclusive Interview With Dr. William Mahrt

2015 February 04

Towards the end I ask the CMAA president a loaded question … and he answers!

Truth, Beauty, and Pop Culture, Part 1

2015 February 03

In which I take unpopular stances about popular things.

Palestrina “O Crux Ave” • Practice Videos

2015 February 03

I've been yearning to sing this piece since 2002.

Elvis Presley, Offertory Processions, & “Alius Cantus”

2015 February 02

Offertory processions in the 1940s? Really?

How To Properly Train Young Voices To Sing At Mass

2015 February 02

“Our pastor called all the students in grades 4-8 together, declaring that he would personally pay for the organ lessons of any student willing to learn…” —Dr. Tappan

Pope Francis & the Devil

2015 February 01

Driving Out the Unclean Spirits in Our Midst