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A theorist, organist, and conductor, Jeff Ostrowski holds his B.M. in Music Theory from the University of Kansas (2004), and did graduate work in Musicology. He serves as choirmaster for the new FSSP parish in Los Angeles, where he resides with his wife and children.
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"No concession should ever be made for the singing of the Exultet, in whole or in part, in the vernacular."
— Fr. Augustin Bea, S.J. in the years immediately before the Second Vatican Council

FSSP.la Choir Communiqué • 8 December 2015
published 8 December 2015 by Jeff Ostrowski

IT IS ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL that every member practices #3792 (“O Magnum Mysterium”) and learns it ASAP. Please begin by learning measure 40 to the end of the piece. When you’ve learned measure 40 to the end really well, you can start learning the first section. Additionally, as I’ve been stressing to you, please learn #5051 (“Zachariis Gloria”) if you don’t already know it. I will be contacting each member—each one of you by name—and I will ask you for a PROGRESS REPORT on “O Magnum Mysterium.” When I contact you, that’s a good time to let me know any difficulties you’re having learning this piece. Did you see how I also give the pieces in Mp3 format? That’s done so you can listen in your car…and on your iPod, okay?

YOU KNOW THAT MOST choirs meet at least once each week, usually on Thursdays. Because our members live so far away, I have done everything possible to avoid forcing you to meet during the week, but that’s what most choirmasters require. However, we do need to have a plenary session before Christmas—where every member comes if possible—and I’m sure you’ll agree this is important. I know that some people might not be able to attend, but please try your best to see whether you can attend.

As soon as you possibly can, please send JoAnne Pulley an email, telling her which dates you are willing to attend:

(A) 12 December • SATURDAY • 10:00am to Noon (SAINT VICTOR)

(B) 15 December • Tuesday • 7:00pm (La Crescenta)

(C) 16 December • Wednesday • 7:00pm (La Crescenta)

(D) 17 December • Thursday • 7:00pm (La Crescenta)

(E) 18 December • Friday • 7:00pm (La Crescenta)

Last time, we had several people tell JoAnne Pulley dates they could attend, but later they changed. Please carefully check your schedule before you tell JoAnne which dates you can attend. Thank you!!!

FATHER JAMES FRYAR has made a request of us. He wants us to sing at a special Christmas Party on 19 December, to help the parish. I will have more information about this soon. I told him we will do our very best to help. The reason I told him this was—when we consider everything Fr. James Fryar has done for us—it seems that helping him by singing during a Christmas party is the least we can do.

FINALLY, I HAVE SOME HUGE news I need to share with you. When this news broke, I could not believe my ears. I spent about 45 minutes on the phone with Fr. Fryar yesterday just talking about this news; it’s very excited. You will be pleased and quite happy and furiously excited when you hear the news. I will share this news with you ASAP, most likely when we gather for our plenary session.