Pastoral Plan (Part 1 of 2)

2015 April 30

The Pastoral Plan of the Archdiocese of Atlanta was released recently. How can we implement the plan to a parish music program?

Liturgy Gone Wild

2015 April 30

What do progressive liturgists truly want?

Music That Hurts

2015 April 29

“Was it not jealousy for the honor of thy house that consumed me? Was it not uttered against thee, the reproach I bore?”

Liturgical Silence—But Not What You Think!

2015 April 29

When I was young, I would have tried to argue.

Rare Video • Richard Nixon Meets With Pope Paul VI

2015 April 29

Footage taken by John Ehrlichman a 1970s “home video reel.”

PDF Download • “The Parish Hymnal” (1957)

2015 April 28

“The origins of some are not known due to the long and nearly untraceable popular usage they have enjoyed.” —Gregorian Institute

St. Thomas Choir School, NYC

2015 April 27

Perhaps if we invested in better music in our parishes the Good New would be spread more effectively.

PDF Download • “Hymns Of The Roman Liturgy” (Rev. Joseph Connelly, 1955)

2015 April 27

“These samples from Connelly make less sense in English than the Latin originals would to a North Korean.” —Msgr. Francis P. Schmitt

Brave Schola Director Posts “Live” Recording • Part 2

2015 April 27

We're having a lot of fun…is that bad?

A Criticism & Good News

2015 April 26

Another Look at Fr. Weber’s “The Proper of the Mass”

Lest we forget

2015 April 25

Encouraging solemnity in a public space in Australia is no mean feat, but there are well known traditions which give the framework which elevates the simple, heartfelt speeches into a moving tribute to our fallen service men and women.

Polyphonic “Alleluia” for 3 voices • Morales (†1553)

2015 April 24

I've always believed it's a mistake to have all-women alto sections and all-men tenor sections.

“Choral music is not one of life’s frills.”

2015 April 24

Would that our church and school budgets reflect this profound importance, our praise of God would be greater, our churches fuller, and our relationship with the Lord and each other deeper.

Resources • 3rd Sunday after Easter (1962 Missal)

2015 April 24

The recording of the Introit “Jubilate Deo” was created by Jeff Ostrowski—hope it helps!

Amazing Opportunity for Los Angeles Catholics

2015 April 23

Here's your chance to meet Fr. John Berg, FSSP Superior General, who's coming all the way from Switzerland.

“Proper Of The Mass” (Ignatius Press) • Part 7 of 7

2015 April 22

Let's take a stroll down Memory Lane, shall we?

“Proper Of The Mass” (Ignatius Press) • Part 6 of 7

2015 April 21

If I were to use English settings of the Propers of the Mass, this would be my go-to book!

“Proper Of The Mass” (Ignatius Press) • Part 5 of 7

2015 April 21

Musicians are naturally attracted to beautiful things; and a beautiful chant book encourages singers to make use of the book.

Pope Visits Prison: “You could not come to me, so I have come to you.”

2015 April 20

1300 criminals were present for Benediction.

“Proper Of The Mass” (Ignatius Press) • Part 4 of 7

2015 April 19

The Next Big Thing Is Here

The One Thing That Unites Church Musicians

2015 April 19

“She told the male students that careers in music are only good for mothers who desire to make some extra cash.”

PDF Download • Organ Accompaniment for “Vita Sanctorum”

2015 April 19

I'd like to produce my own version, setting all six verses to different harmonizations.

PDF • Organ Accompaniment to the “Vidi Aquam”

2015 April 19

A version for the organist composed by Canon Jules Van Nuffel (1883-1953)

“Proper Of The Mass” (Ignatius Press) • Part 3 of 7

2015 April 18

We have the treasury of sacred music to steer us. We have computers to help adapt scores to suit our choirs. And now we have an excellent resource which provides ready made adaptations of the Propers.

Reflections Upon The Death Of Francis Cardinal George This Morning At 10:45am

2015 April 17

Someone told me in advance the cardinal was a trained musician; he certainly was!

“Proper Of The Mass” (Ignatius Press) • Part 2 of 7

2015 April 17

That this resource—and a flood of new ones—are becoming available, points to a new awakening in the Church.

Simple Yet Beautiful Easter Piece You Might Want To Sing This Sunday

2015 April 17

The verses come from an Easter poem found in numerous ancient manuscripts.

Resources • 2nd Sunday after Easter (1962 Missal)

2015 April 17

Including a lovely Easter piece from the middle ages called “Vita sanctorum.”

Is This The World’s Greatest Cry Room?

2015 April 16

An usher approached me, tapping on my shoulder. This was the last straw.

“Proper Of The Mass” (Ignatius Press) • Part 1 of 7

2015 April 15

Fr. Samuel Weber is undoubtedly one of the modern masters of setting English chant.

Should Church Singers Be Paid?

2015 April 14

Practice Videos for KYRIE “Impleta Sunt”—based on a piece by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina.

Cardinal Dolan Vested In Ferriola?

2015 April 13

Can someone who knows about vestments confirm this?

Don't Tell Me What You Can Do: Show Me

2015 April 13

Directing a choir is extremely difficult. The obstacles often seem insurmountable.

The Madeleine Choir School

2015 April 13

This institution is truly forming Catholic musicians for the future.

Nixon, Watergate, & Singing The Mass Propers

2015 April 13

Ehrlichman, Haldeman, Dean, Nixon, and others made tons of money writing and speaking about Watergate.

Sacra Liturgia USA 2015

2015 April 12

An International Conference on Liturgical Formation in Light of the New Evangelization

How did your Holy Week go?

2015 April 11

Singing for the Sacred Triduum and Easter ceremonies is an awesome privilege. Coming out the other side can be very sweet indeed, even when things didn't always go quite as planned.

Let This Holy Building Shake with Joy!

2015 April 10

Sometimes everything comes together. How is this achieved? Here are a few ways.

First Look Images! • “Proper Of The Mass” By Fr. Samuel F. Weber

2015 April 09

This 1,292 page book is much thinner than I had anticipated.

The Universal Music

2015 April 09

A little reflection on the universality of Sacred Music after Holy Week...

Easter Vigil Readings With Dancer • St. Patrick Catholic Church (Seattle, Washington)

2015 April 09

I was surprised to see composer David Haas comment on facebook in support of this.

Fascinating Videos From 1958 • Mass Sung In English!

2015 April 08

A “Dialogue” Low Mass with singing (c. 1958) by choristers of St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney.

It Has Arrived! • “Proper of the Mass” (Ignatius)

2015 April 07

You will notice that Fr. Weber's version sounds quite similar to the authentic Latin chant.

Photographs • FSSP Holy Triduum in Los Angeles (2015)

2015 April 07

Notice how the priest, dressed in cope, is engulfed in darkness at the beginning of the Easter Vigil—except for candles burning.

Jaw-Dropping Liturgical Manuscripts (7,055 Pages)

2015 April 06

Catholics can now *see with their own eyes* the antiquity of our liturgy.

Can You Love Liturgy Too Much?

2015 April 06

Should we assume malice on the part of those who denigrate the Traditional Mass?

All Nine Readings

2015 April 05

Celebrating the Easter Vigil in Its Fullness

Foyle's War • Best Clips

2015 April 04

Foyle's War excerpts

Rough PDF • Rubrics & Music, Holy Saturday (1962)

2015 April 04

I don't usually release “rough cut” PDF files, but this one is so valuable…

“O Sacred Head Surrounded” | Buxtehude

2015 April 03

Dieterich Buxtehude was a direct influence on Johann Sebastian Bach—and for good reason.

Rubrics • Good Friday (Pius XII Holy Week Revisions)

2015 April 03

Even Solesmes makes errors from time to time.

Sing One Note

2015 April 02

When most singers receive a new motet, they focus on the words rather than the music.

An Essential & Unique Thing For Holy Thursday

2015 April 02

…and a look at Holy Thursday from the 1965 Missal.

Musical Resources • Holy Thursday (1962)

2015 April 01

Bells are rung and the organ played at the “Gloria”—but then stay silent until the Easter Vigil “Gloria.”

Judas Iscariot & Religious Freedom

2015 April 01

Some have criticized Christ for making Judas part of his special group of friends.