All Souls — gave hope to me, too.

2014 October 31

Do not miss the opportunities of All Souls Day, especially as it falls on a Sunday. Polyphonic Choir

2014 October 31

If you can sing in tune, I need your help! Please don't worry if you cannot read music.

Music Never Lies

2014 October 30

Every piece of music, great or small, contains an indefinable message of the soul, penetrating, communicative, formative.

Bach Mass In B Minor • Robert Shaw, 1947

2014 October 30

Download these magnificent mp3 recordings as soon as you can!

True Devotion to Jesus

2014 October 29

You will definitely want to read the quotes from Paul VI about reception of Communion in the hand.

Sanctus/Benedictus: Should It Be Divided At Mass?

2014 October 29

OCP recently sent me a free Spanish/English book attempting to revive this custom.

Full Text: Cardinal Pell Sermon • 24 October 2014

2014 October 28

"We Catholics have strange beliefs…" —George Cardinal Pell

Look What God Did For You!

2014 October 28

Dr. Mahrt has explained that polyphony's order “shows forth the splendor of the universe.”

Test Files

2014 October 27

The Secret Way The Latin Mass Has Won

2014 October 27

A recent blog by Liturgical Press is titled "Growing Up Racist and Misogynist and Catholic."

Only the Lover Sings

2014 October 26

The South Philly Tradition of the Wedding Serenade

Letter on Sacred Music to Parishioners

2014 October 24

An article that may serve to guide those of us searching for the words to speak to our parishioners, choir members, and also clergy.

The Use and Abuse of the "Via Media"

2014 October 23

Everyone likes to think themselves at the golden mean between two extremes. The problem is, this often becomes a substitute for real thinking, and prevents us from striving for the best.

Feast of Saint John Paul II

2014 October 22

See today's Collect: Saint John Paul II leads us to Christ.

The Passing Of Helen Hull Hitchcock

2014 October 21

Helen was a rare person. She cared deeply about others.

Jacqueline Kennedy & The Roman Catholic Liturgy

2014 October 20

Kennedy had no regrets about refusing to take the blood-stained suit off.

Cardinal Pell: "I've Never Seen Pope Francis Irritated!"

2014 October 20

An Australian speaking Italian! Very cool to hear.

Revitalizing Our Missionary Spirit

2014 October 19

Celebrating Saint Isaac Jogues & Companions

The Final Message of the Synod on the Family

2014 October 18

The official broadcast from the Vatican.

The Death of a Parish | A Promise of New Life?

2014 October 17

One of the most painful spiritual experiences many Catholics suffer is the closure of their parish.

George Cardinal Pell, The Inimitable

2014 October 17

"One father said to me, about the earlier document, that he wouldn't want his young adult children to read it, because they'd be confused." —Cardinal Pell

In Defense of the Organ Postlude

2014 October 16

Is the organ postlude after Mass a loud distraction that stands in the way of making one’s thanksgiving? Or is it a wholly fitting conclusion to an act of public divine worship?

An Exciting Concert In Rome! — 19 October 2014

2014 October 16

Aurelio Porfiri (Composer), Luigi Ciuffa (Conductor), Gianluca Libertucci (Organist)

Catholic Line Art, Black and White • Installment #59

2014 October 15

Today's installment gives an alternate version to Purification image we've already released.

Weddings: Some Practical Advice - The End and the New Beginning

2014 October 15

The rest of the Wedding liturgy, and some miscellaneous advice.

An Ordinary's Not So Ordinary Life • Autobiography of Bishop René H. Gracida

2014 October 14

This famous Pro-Life bishop & WWII Bomber has released a "tell-all" book: includes 100+ rare color images going back to the 1920s.

VIDEO • Wandering Around During The Sign Of Peace

2014 October 14

I don't know how you feel, but being hugged by unknown people on the basis that they sit next to me is not really the best experience in the world…

VIDEO • Light And Darkness

2014 October 13

Including exclusive interviews with Fr. Corrado Maggioni and Rodolfo Papa.

"Music Of An Altogether Profane And Worldy Character Is Unworthy For Church" —Bugnini

2014 October 13

"The principles of sacredness and dignity which distinguish church music, in regard to its singing and its musical instruments, should remain intact." —Cardinal Lercaro (1966)

VIDEO • A New Mass For A New Era

2014 October 13

"Our Archconfraternity is truly grateful to Maestro Aurelio Porfiri for the gift of this marvelous Mass which he has composed." —Domenico Rotella

The Miracle of Mozart (and Friends)

2014 October 12

Modern evidence that "modern" music may not be so "great" as the moderns would like you to think.

The Society for Catholic Liturgy

2014 October 12

Two Contributions from CCW Bloggers

VIDEO • I Am An Elitist

2014 October 11

These elite are people who—by means of tireless effort—try to create good art for the benefit of everyone.

Pope Pius XII's First Communion Day

2014 October 11

"Pope Pius XII was, in his own way, perhaps the boldest innovator among the Popes of the twentieth century."

Interview From Rome • Cardinal Burke: "What Happens To The First Union?"

2014 October 10

Cardinal Burke describes how the Catholic Church can protect both parties involved in a marriage.

Andrew Leung | Sacred Musician

2014 October 10

There is a bond forged by those struggling to create beauty and pray the scriptures through sacred melody.

Pope Francis Allows A Flock Of Children To Dance Around Him

2014 October 10

Is it appropriate for a pope to let kids dance around him in such a crazy fashion?

Aurelio Porfiri: Excerpt from "Corpus Domini" Oratorio

2014 October 10

Are modern church musicians still composing oratorios? Yes!

Death and Rebirth of Monastic Life

2014 October 09

The death of the monastic life after the Second Vatican Council was the most devastating blow the Church received, and renewal will come from its rebirth.

VIDEO • Am I A Disease?

2014 October 09

"Reduced to the laical state" vs. "dismissal from the clerical state."

25% off all Lulu books until 15 October 2014

2014 October 09

I can't resist sharing a SPECIAL COUPON to save you 25% on all orders without exception!

PDF Download: Extremely Rare Catholic Hymnal From London (1948)

2014 October 07

A 355-page collection of English hymns by musicians from Westminster and Solesmes.

The Legacy of Simon Le Moyne & the Jesuit Martyrs in Upstate New York

2014 October 06

Le Moyne attained the name Ondessonk ("Leader") among the natives—a name originally given to St. Isaac Jogues, until his martyrdom.

Pope Francis & Mike Rowe Are in Agreement

2014 October 05

Tell People What They Need to Hear

Peace and St Francis

2014 October 04

St Francis worked for peace through prayer. If by singing we pray twice, then this collection of music could multiply our efforts today!

Organists: Know Thy Sheep!

2014 October 03

To what extent does the pipe organ’s inclusion as a worship component influence the quality of your worship experience?

Lumen Gentium on Summorum Pontificum

2014 October 02

'Lumen Gentium' was given to us fifty years ago, but its provisions still apply—and they are relevant to the availability of the Extraordinary Form.

Weddings: Some Practical Advice - Word and Vows

2014 October 01

Liturgy of the Word and the Rite of Marriage.