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A theorist, organist, and conductor, Jeff Ostrowski holds his B.M. in Music Theory from the University of Kansas (2004), and did graduate work in Musicology. He serves as choirmaster for the new FSSP parish in Los Angeles, where he resides with his wife and children.
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“From six in the evening, his martyrdom had continued through the ghastly night until nine o'clock in the morning. After fifteen hours of torture rarely if ever surpassed in the bloody annals of the Iroquois, the soul of Gabriel Lalemant was freed from its charred and mutilated prison and summoned to join his comrade Jean de Brébeuf in the radiant splendor of God. March 17th, 1649, was the date; for Brébeuf it had been the sixteenth.”
— Fr. John A. O'Brien, speaking of St. Gabriel Lalemant

FSSP.la Choir Communiqué • 21 November 2014
published 21 November 2014 by Jeff Ostrowski

643 thanks INDLY SEND ME AN EMAIL letting me know the answer to three questions. First, do you think we should move WEDNESDAY practice to Tuesday, since this week is Thanksgiving? Second, do you feel we should practice at St. Victor Church this week if we can get permission? Finally, do you think you might be able to (please) come to Mass at St. Victor Church on 30 November at 7:00pm in West Hollywood? Fr. Fryar is bringing four European FSSP deacons whom you can meet! It will be a Solemn High Mass!!!

Below you’ll find a basic run-down for the Mass on 30 November. Please pay special attention to these:

“Domine Non Sum Dignus” by Kevin Allen

The Kyrie

Credo IV

The Sanctus

The Agnus Dei

1. Before Mass, we sing the “Asperges Me.” This piece never changes, so once you learn it, you’re set for life!

      * *  “Asperges Me” (PDF Score)

      * *  “Asperges Me” (Audio Practice File)

2. The Introit will be sung, probably by selected men who already know it. Stay tuned!

3. Then comes the Kyrie Eleison. You can download the scores and hear different versions by going here and scrolling down until you find: Mass XVII • Advent & Lent — “Kyrie B”

You can also hear the “CHORD before SINGING” we talked about by listening to this private recording (not to be shared) which was only recorded to help you understand that the chord comes BEFORE the isolated punctum.

4. After the Kyrie comes a short series of Responses (COLLECT) which I will post soon. There’s also a series of Responses for the Gospel which I will post soon. And there’s the GRAD/ALLE which I will post later.

5. The Credo comes after the Homily. I would like you to please listen to this recording over and over, especially as you’re falling to sleep:

      * *  Practice Recording for Credo IV

You can also hear more versions of Credo IV by going here and scrolling down. You will also find, by visiting that webpage, two additional scores for Credo IV that have English underneath. Here’s Credo IV on a single page:

      * *  PDF Score Credo IV • All one a single page

6. Next comes the Offertory, which I will post later. I will also post VENI, VENI EMMANUEL. There’s also a series of easy Responses before and after the Offertory.

7. Next we have the SANCTUS and AGNUS DEI. To practice these, go here and locate Mass XVII • Advent & Lent. Our tempo will be faster than those recordings.

8. I will post the Communion antiphon later.

9. Kevin Allen’s Domine, Non Sum Dignus can be practiced here:

      * *  Kevin Allen • “Domine Non Sum Dignus” (Number 4)

Go down to Number 4 and you’ll see the different parts. All women are the TOP, all men are the BOTTOM.

10. The only thing left is the RECESSIONAL HYMN.

      * *  PDF Score for Exit Hymn

      * *  Horrible Audio Sample • Just given to show you our tempo