Liturgy vs. Social Justice

2014 August 31

A Classic Case of the Catholic “Both/And”

Learning Latin in the new millennium

2014 August 30

Two approaches to learning a little Latin language for praying with understanding.

Choirs & Singers With Spread Vowels — Best Example Ever!

2014 August 28

When teaching your choir to hear the difference between "spread" vowels & proper choral vowels, use this example.

Why I No Longer Compose

2014 August 28

When I observe our beautiful children, I realize that God is the True Artist.

The Awesomeness of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

2014 August 28

A Benedictine monk helps us appreciate the tremendous miracle of the Mass, which is the central point of all earthly reality.

Weddings: Some Practical Advice - The Very Beginning, Part 1

2014 August 27

Some thoughts on the Introductory Rites for the Nuptial Mass.

Dan Schutte's “Missa My Little Pony” (2nd Part)

2014 August 27

My original article was shared 4,000 times and generated a surprising amount of hate mail.

Tu Es Petrus

2014 August 26

A common mistake I find in Catholic literature is the belief that if you defend Pope Francis it means you are against Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, and vice versa.

Pope John Paul II Wearing The Cappa Magna (As Cardinal Wojtyla)

2014 August 25

The most marvelous uniform I've seen was the one worn by Prince Charles when he married Diana.

NBC “Meet The Press” & Catholic Church Music

2014 August 25

At the program's conclusion, I felt dumber than when I'd started watching.

Photo: Church Music Association of America (1964)

2014 August 24

This historic photograph was taken at the organizational meeting for the CMAA the same year "Inter Oecumenici" was issued by the Vatican.

Let's bury the term "highbrow"

2014 August 23

Wherein Veronica rails against the public perception of traditional Church music and hopes to break down barriers to unleash the joy planted by musicians of earlier ages.

The Art of Negotiation in Liturgy

2014 August 22

Progress is never made by making declarations or quoting the Liturgy Documents. It doesn’t work and never will. So what will?

Why the Mass is the Key to the New Evangelization

2014 August 21

We hear a lot these days about the New Evangelization, but not so much about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. And yet the Mass is at the very heart of our mission.

How To Debunk Four Common Liturgical Myths

2014 August 21

The priest returned to the Altar, removed the big red Missal, carried it to the pulpit, and proceeded to translate the entire Gospel into English.

Weddings: Some Practical Advice - Introduction

2014 August 20

A curmudgeonly introduction to a series on wedding advice.

Music & Beauty

2014 August 19

The chants of the Sacred Liturgy in particular, form a perfect marriage of text and melody, which St. Basil describes as a type of divine pedagogy.

Don't Add Me, Please

2014 August 19

If someone tells you "Vatican II wants such-and-such," ask him where this was said.

Kirsten Powers & The Hound of Heaven

2014 August 19

"I'll never forget standing outside that apartment and saying to myself, 'It's true. It's completely true.' … I had not one iota of doubt. I was filled with indescribable joy."

Breaking News! Pope Francis Refuses To Adopt "Narrative" Of Progressive Liturgists

2014 August 18

That Tablet article could best be described as ill-informed gossip from an unqualified author with too much time on his hands…

Homily: 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A)

2014 August 17

How much faith and confidence do I have when I pray for the conversion of a loved one? Do I have as much faith as this woman who asked for the cure of her daughter?

Hippolytus of Rome & Eucharistic Prayer II

2014 August 17

What's the Connection?

Daily martyrology

2014 August 16

When the going gets tough, the liturgy of the hours puts things in perspective.

The Paradox of Liturgical Reform Amidst Human Suffering

2014 August 15

Following the rubrics or enacting the GIRM is not the ends. It is a means towards which we find immediacy with God in prayer and therefore healing for humanity.

Important Resources for Liturgical Reform (7 of 7)

2014 August 14

"Who could have anticipated such a Renaissance of music-making in the desert of postmodernity? Yet this was but the first wave, and now we are enjoying a second..."

CALLING ALL PRIESTS! —Your Parishioners Are Waiting… They're Waiting For…

2014 August 14

"Before the Council, liturgical law was regarded as something sacred; but everyone now feels authorized to do what he likes…" — Cardinal Antonelli (24 July 1968)

Important Resources for Liturgical Reform (6 of 7)

2014 August 13

Some free resources for Cantor, Choir, and Organ for furthering the liturgical reform in your parish.

Assumption Mass

2014 August 13

Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth will celebrate a Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form this Friday evening in Philadelphia.

The Plague

2014 August 13

When I speak with Pope Francis, will I ask him to care about sacred music? No. Abuses of the liturgy? No, I will ask him about the root of these problems.

Important Resources for Liturgical Reform (5 of 7)

2014 August 12

"Simple English Choral Propers" by Jon Naples

Aurelio Porfiri Letter In Current "Adoremus Bulletin"

2014 August 12

"The problem is not pop music, but pop music in the liturgy." — Aurelio Porfiri

Some Thoughts On "Englishing" Gregorian Chant

2014 August 12

But why bring up this subject at all, when probably 95% of Catholic priests have no familiarity with Gregorian chant?

Important Resources for Liturgical Reform (4 of 7)

2014 August 11

Should Church music be fun? Yes!!!

Mass Propers In English

2014 August 11

Roosevelt was President while paralyzed. Churchill gave speeches but couldn't pronounce "S" correctly. Surely, then, we can implement the Mass Propers with these 11 collections!

Homily: 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A)

2014 August 10

It’s easy now to say that the disciples had nothing to fear since Jesus was so close. But that is not how it works in real life situations.

The Most Insane Thing Heard By Anyone

2014 August 10

I used to think Horowitz's additions to the Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody were the most amazing virtuoso display I ever heard. I was wrong.

Important Resources for Liturgical Reform (3 of 7)

2014 August 10

Public Domain Scores & Published Resources

EF Homily: 9th Sunday after Pentecost

2014 August 10

Yes, God is merciful, but there is a limit to His mercy.

Important Resources for Liturgical Reform (2 of 7)

2014 August 09

Planting the seeds for liturgical reform with a new book of old hymns.

Important Resources for Liturgical Reform (1 of 7)

2014 August 08

Some mainstream resources are geared towards maximizing market share; there are a number of others, perhaps lesser known that have the words of St. Pius X and "Sacrosanctum Concilium" in mind.

St. Thomas on the “Asperges” (Sprinkling Rite)

2014 August 07

St. Thomas did not comment specifically on the custom of sprinkling the people with holy water prior to the principal Sunday Mass; but he did explain exactly why it’s a good idea to do such a thing.

Did The Ancient Mass Really Have Three Readings?

2014 August 06

"We are repeatedly assured that there was an Old Testament reading each Sunday morning, but that quite mysteriously these all vanished by the seventh century, and vanished leaving no memory that they had ever existed…" — Fr. John Parsons

Forty Hours Sermon

2014 August 06

The Church in which I was preaching happened to be one of those Churches which didn’t have the Blessed Sacrament in it, and my remark caused quite a stir.

Five Questions No Liturgist Can Answer

2014 August 05

"The present welter of discardable booklets, mimeographed sheets, divergent paperback hymnals, and so on … has unfortunate psychological effects." — Dr. James Hitchcock

The Semiologist And The Unbeliever

2014 August 05

Once upon a time there was a musician who thought he knew how Gregorian chant should be performed, and was very suspicious of the "semiologists."

Intercession by saints? Why not go directly to God?

2014 August 05

If I didn't answer when he called, he'd keep calling my number over and over. If I still didn't answer, he'd start calling my family members, including siblings who lived 900+ miles away!

Modernity Impact

2014 August 04

For me tradition is not going to the past, but going to the origins.

Please Help Watershed Survive

2014 August 03

I hate asking people for money; and some Catholic organizations drive me crazy by constantly begging with an alarmist manner.

The 15th Station?

2014 August 03

The 9/11 Memorial and Conveying Catharsis through Art

Homily: 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A)

2014 August 02

God is a provident God. This in turn should make us want to love God.

How Dare We Complain?

2014 August 02

Can you imagine trying to feed your family in the year 1300AD?

The Necessity of Interior Prayer for Directors, Composers, and Publishers

2014 August 01

Are we bringing forth treasures? Are we cultivating these treasures or do we leave them in the back of the storeroom?