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Ronda Chervin received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Fordham University and an MA in Religious Studies from Notre Dame Apostolic Institute. A widow, mother, and grandmother, she currently teaches philosophy at Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut. Write to her at chervinronda@gmail.com.
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"There is a lack of that kind of organization which favors mature judgment. Move on, move on, get it out. Schemata are multiplied without ever arriving at a considered form. The system of discussion is bad … Often the schemata arrive just before the discussions. Sometimes, and in important matters, such as the new anaphoras, the schema was distributed the evening before the discussion was to take place … Father Bugnini has only one interest: press ahead and finish."
— Cardinal Antonelli (Peritus during the Second Vatican Council)

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The Horned Monster and Hell
published 7 September 2012 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

Today our new Vice-Rector preached the strongest sermon I have ever heard about evil spirits in the Church and the world.  The occasion was the reading about “a prophet is without honor in his own country,” when Jesus’ own home-town leaders tried to kill him by throwing him off a cliff.

This new priest took this opportunity to preach to us about persecutions and rejection. Here are a few things he told us:

Some time ago, he went for a week to visit his home town parish, where he was the first vocation in 50 years. He preached an informal mission at daily Masses about sin, evil spirits, and hell. The numbers coming swelled. At the Sunday Mass he put it all together. The people were stunned to be hearing about Catholic truths they hadn’t heard for years. However, the pastor tried to check-mate the effects of the visiting priest’s sermons by calling out as he processed down the aisle after the Mass, “You are all good; all holy; all going to heaven.”

In the area of the country where he was a priest before coming here this Fall, in the last decade there were 37 suicides – 5 of them priests! This is why he is devoting his life to spiritual warfare ministry.

Dear readers, please take heart – there are priests committed to preaching all of Catholic truth in season and out of season. The gates of hell will not prevail!

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