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Ronda Chervin received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Fordham University and an MA in Religious Studies from Notre Dame Apostolic Institute. A widow, mother, and grandmother, she currently teaches philosophy at Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut. Write to her at chervinronda@gmail.com.
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“I still haven’t made up my mind whether I shall publish it all. Some people are so humorless, so uncharitable, and so absurdly wrong-headed, that one would probably do far better to relax and enjoy life than worry oneself to death trying to instruct or entertain a public which will only despise one’s efforts, or at least feel no gratitude for them. Most readers know nothing about canon law. Many regard it with contempt and find everything heavy going that isn’t completely lowbrow. Some are so grimly serious that they disapprove of all humor. Others come to different conclusions every time they stand up or sit down. They seize upon your publications, as a wrestler seizes upon his opponent’s hair, and use them to drag you down, while they themselves remain quite invulnerable, because their barren pates are completely bald, so there’s nothing for you to get hold of.”
— St. Thomas More to Peter Gilles, 1516

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Greetings to Readers of my Blogs
published 16 May 2012 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

Some of you have been reading my blogs for months and months, others might be starting today. Before our webmasters left for a trip to Rome I finished up something called The Way of Love: Step by Step – a 100 Day Spiritual Marathon. If you haven’t seen this go to 100 STEPS to see these challenges with graphics.

Now I am going back to daily blogs about diverse subjects that come to mind. It has been a month since I wrote a blog and I have a whole list of topics I want to write about. But first, an over-view.

It has been a time of doing Way of Love on EWTN and getting many e-mails from people who watched the interview with Fr. Mitch Pacwa. The show also led to a radio interview with a UK Christian radio show and news that Hispanic evangelists in Colombia want to translate the whole 100 Steps into Spanish for their parish.

The responses confirm that there are folks out there who are willing to pause reading beautiful, sublime, spiritual thoughts, at least for 15 minutes for 100 days, to tackling denial in our own spiritual lives.

For myself, the chief insight of late may amuse you. A mother of an adult child, mother-in-law, grandmother and friend doesn’t have the power to force people to listen to my wisdom that I have as a professor! The occasion for this insight is my leave of absence from seminary teaching to living with my family in Orange County, California for 8 months.

I cannot give real life examples of my failures to command the assent of family and new friends because they might read these blogs to make sure I am not writing about THEM. So I will give general examples instead:

- Students will read most of what I assign. Of course, if they don’t they could flunk the course. But try insisting that family members or friends read more than one page of anything written by me or authors I admire and you get reasons not to read it such as “good idea but I hate the style,” or “that’s kind of cliché, isn’t it?”

- If a student happens to come to see me for personal advice, of course, they are bowled over that I am willing to spend more than 15 minutes with them, and they write 20 years later about how my advice changed their lives. Family and friends – well, the most stunning statement was one who remarked: “You know, nothing you ever told me in 50 years will ever bring me into the Church. The only thing that might influence me is knowing that you go to daily Mass rain or shine, no matter what!

Conclusion: With students my love rightly expresses itself, hopefully, as teaching the truth. With family and friends one loving smile might be more important. But, aaargh, that means more silence and for chatterbox pontificators, that is no easy challenge! Pray for me.

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