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Ronda Chervin received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Fordham University and an MA in Religious Studies from Notre Dame Apostolic Institute. A widow, mother, and grandmother, she currently teaches philosophy at Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut. Write to her at chervinronda@gmail.com.
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"Upon the road, René was always occupied with God. His words and the discourses he held were all expressive of submission to the commands of Divine Providence, and showed a willing acceptance of the death which God was sending him. He gave himself to God as a sacrifice, to be reduced to ashes by the fires of the Iroquois, which that good Father's hand would kindle. He sought the means to bless Him in all things and everywhere. Covered with wounds as he himself was, Goupil dressed the wounds of other persons, of the enemies who had received some blows in the fight as well as those of the prisoners. He opened the vein for a sick Iroquois. And he did it all with as much charity as if he had done it to persons who were his best friends."
— St. Isaac Jogues (writing in 1643)

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The Upcoming Election
published 1 June 2012 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

I gave a talk for the prayer leaders of charismatic renewal yesterday. It was going to be about my charismatic experiences. I thought, suppose I add in something about the election! Okay, since these leaders tend to be non-political, they could be annoyed if I did this and not invite me to speak again. They will love me and the talk until I raise election issues. Then I thought, if I want to bishops to risk losing our tax-exempt status over this issue, I should have the guts to risk losing a few talks!
So, after my “lovely” talk, I said:

“I love immigrants. I wish there were no borders since all the land belongs to God. (I do know that Catholic teaching is that countries have a right to borders.) On Thanksgiving Day I ran around telling people who might not want to hear it: Heh, we’re celebrating the first illegal immigrants!!!

But, my mother, when she was an atheist, before becoming a Catholic, had 12 abortions. I never thought when I became a Catholic that any Catholic would ever vote for a party whose platform allows for 150,000,000 babies chopped up in the womb or chemically flushed out, and a candidate who voted to kill them as they come out of the womb.

I didn’t mention any party or any candidate by name so you can’t sue me.”

Quite a few clapped and several said they wanted me to speak to their groups.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and all things will be added unto you.”

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