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Ronda Chervin received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Fordham University and an MA in Religious Studies from Notre Dame Apostolic Institute. A widow, mother, and grandmother, she currently teaches philosophy at Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut. Write to her at chervinronda@gmail.com.
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“Sacred music, being a complementary part of the solemn liturgy, participates in the general scope of the liturgy, which is the glory of God and the sanctification and edification of the faithful. It contributes to the decorum and the splendor of the ecclesiastical ceremonies, and since its principal office is to clothe with suitable melody the liturgical text proposed for the understanding of the faithful, its proper aim is to add greater efficacy to the text, in order that through it the faithful may be the more easily moved to devotion and better disposed for the reception of the fruits of grace belonging to the celebration of the most holy mysteries.”
— Pope Saint Pius X

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More Fresh Insights
published 16 July 2012 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

This passage from a present-day private revelation seems absolutely true whether one believes these messages are from Jesus or not, so I am quoting it without the name of the locutionary for you, the reader, to take with a grain of salt, or just take it whole:

“(allegedly from Jesus) Dear followers, to make way for your King you will have to fall back from drawing attention to yourself. One falls back, in this instance, by giving constant credit to the One who is fighting the battles and winning the souls. And the war is for souls, dear followers. I am craving allegiance from all of God’s children because I am craving what is good for them. Those who are away from Me must see the goodness in you. You are truly offering the best possible message for everyone you encounter. Your message is one of love and welcome and you give the message as the messenger of the King. Be at peace. I am all powerful and you are on the side of heaven.” ___________________________________________________ From just Ronda: Checks and Balances – sometimes I think God makes sure no one aspect of my life gets too perfect because then I wouldn’t do sometime else He wants me to do. If I thought a book I wrote was perfect, then I wouldn’t want to write the next book! If your spouses, or others around yo u, were perfect would you yearn for Jesus?

I found a new fiction writer. He is a kind of Jewish mystic. Maybe you know him? Mark Helprin. He has written many best-selling novels. Even though he does not share our moral teachings on sex, he has lots else that we can agree with. Here is a line from a book of his I thought Watershed readers would surely like: “Beauty cannot be expressed or explained in a theory or an idea, (because) it moves by its own law, that it is God’s way of comforting His broken people.” From A Soldier of the Great War. Mark Helprin.

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