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“Father Daniel’s special work during his stay at Ihonatiria was with the children. Their parents had not trained or disciplined them, they were utterly lawless and bad-tempered, but with infinite forbearance and kindliness the missionary became a favorite with them… Having taught them to sing, he proceeded to train the children to chant the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the Commandments, which he had rendered into Huron rhymes. Formed into a choir, they added beauty and solemnity to the chapel services and attracted great numbers of their elders to Mass.”
— From the Life of Saint Antoine Daniel (d. 1648)

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God has plenty of Money
published 10 July 2012 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

There is a theological subject that is much mocked but very necessary. It is called casuistry. It consists of intricate discussions of the morality of specific complicated decisions. A good example and a bad example: Good: what constitutes a serious reason to use natural family planning? Bad: Jesuits in centuries past allegedly argued that dueling to the death over an insult was licit because the Bible says ‘a good name is better than life.’

Casuistry is important to fill in the gap between absolutely clear moral teachings and these kind of issues which cannot be settled with a quick answer, at least not for the participants. One that I have thought about long and hard is whether someone can embrace simplicity of life and still be a millionaire or billionaire. Even though I believe that this is difficult in at least 99 out of 100 cases, I am sometimes check-mated by famous businesses who finance glorious Catholic works.

The joking way I express it is by asking people a riddle: How did Domino’s Pizza, Miller’s Beer and Karl’s Jr. save the American Catholic Church? I bet readers of this blog have some correct answers.

The owner of Domino’s Pizza founded Ave Maria College and Law School. The Miller’s Beer foundation financed many contemplative orders as well as attempting to run a Catholic TV Station, eventually trumped by EWTN. One of the sons of the Karl Karcher family who made their fortune off Karl’s Jr. hamburgers, built a huge Church in California now attended by 250 daily communicants and 50 devoted daily rosary Catholics plus apostolates to the poor, Legion of Mary, etc. etc. I am presently attending this Church and that is why this issue came to my mind.

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