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“We decided to entrust this work to learned men of our selection. They very carefully collated all their work with the ancient codices in Our Vatican Library and with reliable, preserved or emended codices from elsewhere. Besides this, these men consulted the works of ancient and approved authors concerning the same sacred rites; and thus they have restored the Missal itself to the original form and rite of the holy Fathers.”
— Pope St. Pius V (Quo Primum, 1570)

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What the Saints Said About Heaven
published 26 October 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

A few years ago I was chatting with my dear friends Ruth and Richard Ballard, both Lutheran ministers who crossed the Tiber and became Catholics. He is now a Catholic deacon and she is an iconwriter. We were talking about what a shame it is that older people think of themselves as “over the hill” instead of en route to heaven.

This morphed into the idea of compiling a meditation book, mostly for the elderly, with each day having a quotation from a saint about heaven. Then we added wonderful introductions to each chapter by Richard, the theologian, icons from Ruth, and heartfelt personal prayers related to each reading by me.

It turned out wonderful for us and hopefully will help many readers.

Look it up at Tan Books by putting in the key word What the Saints Said About Heaven.

Sections include such subjects as what the Resurrected Body will be Like, How to Prepare for Heaven, and wonderful death bed scenes from the saints.

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