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— Proverbs 8

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A New Way to Explain the 3rd Commandment
published 11 October 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

I am reading a book on natural law ethics called What We Can’t Not Know by Budziszewski (a name only Poles could easily pronounce). It is the best fresh approach to natural law I have read.

Here is the sample that “convicted” me!

“The third commandment declares that complete engrossment in mundane affairs is not merely tiring but debasing… (So, Ronda immediately thinks that scholarly work is not mundane but dedication to God’s truth – or so I have always thought) Thus someone who says “My work is my workshipo” is deceiving himself – or else worshipping his work. Yes, we should do all our labors as though for God; but for God, we should intermit our labors.”

I do believe that it is rather a grey area what kind of work is forbidden on the Sabbath, and there are certainly exceptions made for those who cannot earn a living unless they work on Sundays (did you know that the Saturday vigil Mass was instituted to accommodate longshoremen in Genoa, Italy who had to work all mornings unloading ships, but were free in the late afternoon and evening?)

Just the same, if you happen to be a workaholic, I think Budzieszewski’s formulation is a ringer.

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