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“Since the English is not meant to be sung, but only to tell people who do not understand Latin what the text means, a simple paraphrase in prose is sufficient. The versions are not always very literal. Literal translations from Latin hymns would often look odd in English. I have tried to give in a readable, generally rhythmic form the real meaning of the text.”
— Fr. Adrian Fortescue (1913)

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Evils admitted to be real have to be fought
published 28 May 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

On my summer travels I trust that my family and friends will always have plenty of books for me to select from. At the home of one of the our group of Dedicated Widows of the Holy Eucharist, I came upon a novel written in the 80’s by a writer named Giggon. It was about a former English teacher, a good man, a liberal, and a bit naive, whose wife and child are murdered by a serial killer. This is so devastating that he leaves his university, and the Church, and roams about, and winds up working as a security guard. The plot thickens when the janitor engages our hero in long conversations during the night hours claiming that he, the janitor, is also a serial killer.

Since the English teacher hates violence, since the police have no proof that this guy really is a killer vs. maybe just a man with a sadistic imagination, his problem is to decide whether he should himself kill the serial killer before he strikes again.
He winds up almost killing the killer and then, risking his own life, as a human shield, for the child victim of the killer.

The line that impressed me the most was where the serial killer, admittedly under the possession of Satan, tells the hero that all his life he has been trying to deny that the worst evils are real and happening all over, because “If you would admit that so much evil is real, you would have to come against it, instead of being a spectator.”

The killer relates this to the whole media syndrome where people watch on TV all these horrors with no sense that they have to do anything.

Of course, even if we were the most militant of pro-lifers, which many of us are, we couldn’t get rid of all evil through action,but let us at least pray every time we see or read about evil, and be truly willing, to die to save the innocent, if the opportunity arises, should we know it is God’s will for us, in this moment.

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