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“Some of our younger parish clergy read their sermons. This should not be done except for some very special reason. The priest who is not capable of preparing and delivering a brief, clear instruction on Catholic teaching to his people is not fit to be in parish work. The people as a rule do not want to listen to a sermon reader.”
— Archbishop of Baltimore (9 July 1929)

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Why isn't insight and grace enough to overcome denial?
published 27 May 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

The Rector of my seminary is making long term plans for the curriculum. After jotting down everything I said I liked to teach, he smiled and asked, and what is your real passion presently?

“Hmmm! I know! It’s denial. I hate denial in myself and others. As a philosopher I tend to think that denial comes from lack of insight. Plato thought that knowledge led to virtue, but we know that we need grace. But some of us have insight into our worst traits and grace, and we still aren’t much better at virtue. Why?”

“Okay, why not work up a course called 'Denial: Insight and Grace,’ my genial rector asked. So, now I am picking everyone’s brain on what are the elements besides insight and grace that have to enter the picture to produce virtue?

Here are some candidates:

Unless we are willing to suffer in whatever way would be necessary when we want to choose our vice, fault, defect, or flaw, we won’t change. Example: I talk too much. Unless I am willing to accept the suffering of biting my tongue when what I want to say is neither edifying or charitable but just frisky anecdotal one-up-manship (one-upwomanship?) then I will not be able to talk less.

Another suggested candidate is to recognize that the devil wants us to do the evil, wrong, or inappropriate thing. So we need spiritual warfare prayers to move from denial to insight, to actually receiving the grace God is offering us and the devil is trying to deflect. Example: When I am dying to say this sarcastic, juicy, uncharitable thing, I could pray this way instead – “Guardian angel, protect me against the devil’s wiles right now.”

Your challenge! Can you flood my comments section with good ideas from your own experience of victory over denial? This could make my course someday be an inter-disciplinary Watershed virtual offering! Hurrah!

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