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Father Gabriel Lalemant won the crown the martyrdom on 17 March 1649. The smallest and most delicate in health among all the Jesuit missionaries, he had in six months won, by his iron will and unwavering determination, a martyr's end, in companionship with the spiritual and physical giant of the missions, Jean de Brébeuf.
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A second class of tunes—which can also be said with certainty to fall under the profane—are those which are written in the style of secular songs and which, if heard without the words, would be recognized only as such. In these, as a rule, the devotional gives way to the sentimental, cheerfulness to levity and oftentimes vulgarity, while not even an attempt is made to give a serious or dignified musical expression to the sentiments embodied in the words of the hymn. Not the least objectionable feature of some of these tunes is a jingling piano accompaniment quite unsuited to the church organ.
— Preface to a Roman Catholic Hymnal (1896)
published 18 May 2011 by Corpus Christi Watershed

St. Gregory’s Catholic Boys’ School has produced a new CD which features Kevin Allen’s Motecta Trium Vocum.

Here is the official press release, from Sacred Musician Matthew Williams:

Hello everyone!
I wanted to let you all know that we have just released a new CD from St. Gregory’s Academy. The CD includes the entire Requiem Mass, along with several selected Gregorian Chants, Sacred Polyphony, a new Ave Maria composition (by yours truly), and several of Kevin Allen’s Motecta Trium Vocum.
The schola is made up of 12 boys, all juniors and seniors, from the academy with myself as the director. They worked very hard on this album as they do for every Mass we sing. Typically during the school year we sing two Missa Cantatas per week along with any other feasts that may occur. We also travel for special Masses and performances.
All proceeds go to support the school. The price is a modest $9.99. Right now it is available here on DigStation.com but it will soon appear on iTunes and AmazonMP3. We will also begin selling it on compact disc shortly, but we are waiting until the stock arrives – hopefully Friday.