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Ronda Chervin received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Fordham University and an MA in Religious Studies from Notre Dame Apostolic Institute. A widow, mother, and grandmother, she currently teaches philosophy at Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut. Write to her at chervinronda@gmail.com.
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Why do we never sing “De Spiritu Sancto” (St. Athenogenes) in our churches? There are a dozen translations in English verse. Where could anyone find a better evening hymn than this, coming right down from the catacombs? Our hymnbooks know nothing of such a treasure as this, and give us pages of poor sentiment in doggerel lines by some tenth-rate modern versifier.
— Rev’d Adrian Fortescue (d. 1923)

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Blessed John Paul II the Great's Letter to Artists
published 15 May 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

During the beatification, everyone here at the seminary was exchanging stories of what they loved best about our new saint. For me, one of the most exciting things about John Paul II was that he had such different works: rock quarry during the war, actor, playwright, philosopher, theologian, bishop, Pope, and even skier! One of our seminarians who was born in Poland said that when JPII was still only Archbishop, he was in shorts taking a group of young people on a hike and on the mostly empty train, his car was full of people who had rushed from their cars on the train, to greet this so popular bishop!

I teach his wonderful Letter to Artists. Here is the opening in case some Watershed readers never read this letter.

“None can sense more deeply than you artists, ingenious creators of beauty that you are,
something of the pathos with which God at the dawn of creation looked upon the work of his
hands. A glimmer of that feeling has shone so often in your eyes when—like the artists of every
age—captivated by the hidden power of sounds and words, colours and shapes, you have
admired the work of your inspiration, sensing in it some echo of the mystery of creation with
which God, the sole creator of all things, has wished in some way to associate you.”

Read the whole thing by google search.

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