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“What will be the results of this innovation? The results expected, or rather desired, are that the faithful will participate in the liturgical mystery with more understanding, in a more practical, a more enjoyable and a more sanctifying way.” [Enjoyable?]
— Pope Paul VI (26 Nov 1969)

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Security: The World's Way vs. God's Way
published 5 March 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

“Don’t try to fit in. Instead, shine forth!” The Holy Spirit seemed to tell me this once when I was feeling very insecure because I don’t fit in easily anywhere.

Once I figured out that my twin sister and I were probably the most “alienated” kids of all in our childhood in the upper West Side of New York. We were atheist anti-Communist Jews. Surrounding us were Catholic gang kids (West Side Story), Orthodox religious Jews in full old country regalia, Communist Jews, and Zionists. Of course, when I became a Catholic, I conformed as much as I could to the circle surrounding Von Hildebrand who brought me into the Church, but this same background made me still culturally quite different.

My dear friend, Francette Meaney, once remarked that I had an unusually great need to belong. However, like many creative types, I don’t fit in easily in any group. I plunge wildly ahead with my own personal agenda, and I am greatly appreciated, but that is earned, and not the same easy feeling people have when they are in a large group of same background people.

Lately, however, I have noticed that lots and lots of people feel they don’t fit in. One friend with a thick Southern accent feels awkward up here in Connecticut. My son-in-law from England doesn’t fit in too well in a small town in North Carolina. I would bet that each of you readers feels insecure because of not fitting in with respect to some aspect of your background or personality.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker, a maverick convert priest, speaker, and writer, now a pastor in Greenville, S.C., whose blog you might greatly enjoy, suggested a remedy for this feeling of insecurity in these words: if you are a free spirit, you can’t get security from other people. You have to become secure, instead, in God. What way do you pray when you need more security?

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