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“The argument moves from the existence of the thing to the correctness of the thing: what is, ought to be. Or, a popular variant: if a thing is, it doesn't make any difference whether it ought to be—the correct response is to adjust, to learn to live with the thing.”
— L. Brent Bozell, Jr.

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Diverse Ways of Bringing up Kids
published 31 March 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

Here are 2 opposite ways I saw other mothers bring up kids. Both worked.

One friend, Debbie Grumbine, founder of Shield of Roses pro-life apostolate had 12 kids. She had her home totally organized with duties, rewards and punishments outlined on pages taped to the walls of the family room. She could bring all these kids to a pro-life pot-luck and not watch them because they were so well trained!

Another friend with 11 kids. She sat in a tiny room near the kitchen all day with kids swarming in and out. With a big spoon they ladled out whatever was on the stove whenever they were hungry. The latest baby lived in the draw of a bureau except at night when he or she was taken to the family bed.

Both sets of kids turned out great. I like to say that being militaristic or totally laid back both work and, probably, in the long run, they work better than my way which was to let them be free but then yell and scream because things were chaotic. My kids quickly picked up that even though I love order, I wasn’t willing to discipline them. I was a softy underneath the scowls. Tough love came when the youngest was already a teen. Too late. However, they turned out to be total love-bugs and also creative geniuses, and more so than their parents. Praise the Lord!

If you are a mother or father, how about putting in Comments what your way was or is like, or, if you are, by chance, the parents of a new-born first born, what your plans are?

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