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"Bishops have a duty towards both wise and foolish. They have to rouse the devotion of the carnal people with material ornament, since they are incapable of spiritual things."
— St. Bernard of Clairvaux (†1153)

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Why Love is not Loved
published 24 March 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

Once I was at adoration gazing at the famous El Greco face of Jesus in his Veronica’s Veil Icon and this came to me:

When I stare into your sad eyes, my Jesus, those words “Love is not Loved!” come to me not as a general statement but as directed to me. It seems that you want me to know just how wounding it is for you that I will not trust the love that went to such lengths to prove itself. Staring at the pure whiteness of your presence in the host in the monstrance and, then, down at your face in the painting I try to respond.

I could produce many reasons why I don’t love Love enough:

          — is it easier for me to love you as truth because truth is strong and love is vulnerable?

          — is it easier for me to love you as beauty because beauty is sublime and love is messy?

          — is it easier for me to love you as mercy because mercy is balm and love is strenuous?

When I look into your tragic eyes, my Jesus, I think the reason might be deeper still. Terror of surrender to your Divine heart whose beat is so loud I could no longer hear my own? Fear that after diving into the your waves you might cast me out on the shore even more helpless to survive?

Or, still more simply, that I could refuse you nothing, no matter how painful, if I was close enough to know you wanted it!

I hear you telling me that I cannot experience the fullness of your love for me if I am afraid to come closer. ‘Perfect love casts out fear.’ Surrender!

Yet a perfect unison of heartbeat with Jesus would be you, Mother Mary. You certainly did not emerge from your surrender to the Holy Spirit as a dead fish. No! Rather as Queen of Apostles!

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