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A lot of the favoured new settings are musically illiterate, almost is if they were written by semi-trained teenagers, getting to grips with musical rudiments. The style is stodgy and sentimental, tonally and rhythmically stilted, melodically inane and adored by Catholic clergy “of a certain age.” Some Catholic dioceses run courses for wannabe composers to perpetuate this style. It is a scandal. People with hardly any training and experience of even the basic building blocks of music have been convinced that there is a place for their puerile stumblings and fumblings in the modern Catholic Church because real musicians are elitist and off-putting.
— James MacMillan (20 November 2013)

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The Heart: A Spousal Legacy
published 14 March 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

Couples reasonably happily married often dread the thought that one might die and leave the other one alone. You can take comfort from the fact that it’s only because of all the natural good and grace in your marriage that you’re not, instead, having fantasies each day that the other one will leave this world and leave you much happier!

Two of my closest friends have a marriage that is 24/7 close and loving. They are in their late 50’s and have no children. When they have to be separated for work or separate errands they kiss each other goodbye and say over and over again “take care, honey.” It is moving to see. I can feel the fear in their hearts that God might allow one to go first.

Praying for them one day I got this word which sounds like it’s from the Holy Spirit: “when a spouse dies the heart of the departing one goes into the heart of the beloved still on earth.” It seemed to me like a corollary to “they shall be two in one flesh.”

Even in rockier marriages such as mine, I found that when my husband died 18 years ago, a funny thing happened. I started wanting to eat foods he loved and I didn’t such as lobster. I wanted to remember that way how happy he was eating this delicacy. He had a tremendous Zorba the Greek type love of life, whereas I am always longing for heaven. After his death his heart came into mine in the form of enjoying the good things of daily life more. I could imagine him smiling seeing me have more fun.

Holy Spirit, over and over you tell me that even though we have to suffer terrible crosses in this life, we could be so much happier if we worried less about the future and enjoyed the gifts of the “now” much, much more.

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