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“The argument moves from the existence of the thing to the correctness of the thing: what is, ought to be. Or, a popular variant: if a thing is, it doesn't make any difference whether it ought to be—the correct response is to adjust, to learn to live with the thing.”
— L. Brent Bozell, Jr.

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Judging with the Church but still maybe Harshly?
published 3 June 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

I came upon one of the latest books by Fr. Benedict Groeschel, one of my all time favorite priests. I met him a few times at conferences where we were both speakers. My favorite memory is one at Franciscan University of Steubenville where he came to speak at a Defending the Faith Conference after recovering from his huge nearly fatal accident. When the audience saw him walking up the path in the speaker’s line up to the podium they rose to their feet and applauded. Arriving at podium he remarked wryly “It’s kind of funny. An old man walks in front of a bus and he is treated like a martyr!”

His new book is called “Travelers Along the Way” and is an account of his personal encounters with some saints and others he met only once or twice but who changed his life. One of the chapters is about a transgender person. The key point he makes is that even though we are obliged to think with the Church about such wrong acts, including also those in unblessed marriages or active homosexual relationships, we must never forget that Jesus looked at such sinners with love. We should always hope for their conversion.

Reading this, I challenged myself – when I hear or see someone committing sins is my primary emotion love or is it anger? Righteous anger is correct but when there is no love in it? A priest once said to me, “Ronda, I am glad it is not you, but Jesus, who will be judging me when I die.”

Someone once said we are supposed to image all of God’s attributes but one. Final judgments on the souls of others we must leave to Him alone. Jesus, cleanse my heart of all such judgments to look on others with the merciful love our hero, Fr. Benedict, recommends.

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