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That the Mass is the central feature of the Catholic religion hardly needs to be said. During the Reformation (and always) the Mass has been the test. The word of the Reformers—“It is the Mass that matters”—was true. The long persecution of Catholics in England took the practical form of laws chiefly against saying Mass; for centuries the occupant of the English throne was obliged to manifest his Protestantism, not by a general denial of the whole system of Catholic dogma, but by a formal repudiation of the doctrine of Transubstantiation and of the Mass.
— Fr. Adrian Fortescue (d. 1923)
iMass For Android
published 29 June 2011 by Guest Author

Last Summer the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter released iMass – an app for iPhone and iPod that provides video streams of the daily Mass. Later in the year iMass HD brought the same technology to the iPad. Earlier this year an upgrade was released for both apps which enhances them with great new features: the possibility of viewing the Mass live each day, multiple streams of the Sunday and daily Masses, the Breviary, the Missal and also a collection of sermons.

iMass has become a favorite Catholic app, rating among the top ten Catholic apps according to some independent surveys. Since its release it has been downloaded by more than 2500 users. It has been jokingly claimed as a necessity for lovers of the Extraordinary Form who own Apple products.

After many requests to provide iMass for the Android platform, it is now finally available on the Android Market. There are two versions:
iMass For Android Lite – a free version with only the Sunday Mass, and
iMass For Android – the full version, which currently has HD, SD, and Low Def streams of the daily and Sunday Masses, the Breviary and the daily Missal. Upgrades will soon bring it up to speed with the Apple app.

This first version of iMass For Android has not got the same performance as the Apple app. The iPhone application uses a variable-bitrate segmented video stream, which means that at any given time you are only downloading 10 seconds of file. This makes the stream operate quickly and easily. The Android app is not able to do stream in this manner (yet), and so you have to begin downloading the whole hour-long file. You have to be patient, it may take a few minutes to begin playing, and you will not be able to scroll around as easily as you are able to on iMass until the file is sufficiently downloaded. Performance of the app will improve in forthcoming releases. Please take this into consideration when comparing the two apps!

This is another great step forward to make the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass available to everyone, so that throughout the world people may unite their prayers and their hearts to the Holy Sacrifice throughout the day. Gone are the days when the Latin Mass was celebrated rarely and far in-between! We can now view this Priceless Treasure of Our Faith and this Portal of Heaven – anywhere, anytime.

For more information, visit www.imassapp.com