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“If he converses with the learned and judicious, he delights in their talent—if with the ignorant and foolish, he enjoys their stupidity. He is not even offended by professional jesters. With a wonderful dexterity he accommodates himself to every disposition. As a rule, in talking with women (even with his own wife) he is full of jokes and banter.”
— Erasmus on St. Thomas More (England's 1st lay Chancellor)

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Inner Healing Retreat at Our Lady of the Rosary in Greenville, SC
published 21 June 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

Many days without writing blogs because I was the guest speaker at a wonderful parish. You may the Pastor, Fr. Dwight Longenecker. If not, check out his blog which was the inspiration for mine at gkupsidedown.blogspot.com/. At this parish there is a combination of absolute doctrinal orthodoxy and beautiful high liturgy with interest in psychological insights. The deacon and his wife are my dear friends and co-authors, Ruth and Richard Ballard. You will be hearing about our forthcoming book from Tan/St. Benedict’s What the Saints Say about Heaven:101 Holy Meditations.

It was a wonderful weekend and I will be sharing with you different insights that came out of it. Since one of my talks was based on my NEW WAY method, I went to confession after the talk for harsh judgments of people in denial. Fr. Longenecker referred to the concept of Scott Peck of the People of the Lie. The idea is that many people in denial were brought up to care more about appearance than truth. This means covering up any defects of character with denial or excuses. Anything would be better than, say, admitting I am angry because I am envious of you, etc. etc. Fr. Longenecker suggested that people brought up like me to be honest and open even about negatives in my own character, need to be merciful to those for whom being open and honest could be extremely painful.

More in next blog.

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