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“Catholics in America have been the heirs of a sentimental and subjective hymn tradition that, for some reason or other, has taken a deep and fast hold on the fancy of the average person.”
— Fr. Francis Brunner (1953)

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When a Blogger Can't Blog
published 17 June 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

Between a 2 day retreat and a day at the airport and jet lag I missed a week of blogging. I began to think I had ceased existing! I blog, therefore I am???

This coincides with my trial of A New Way – see previous blogs on this. The idea is to see if between insight and grace I could cease talking too much in situations where it is not a matter of “teaching” but really using every social situation as a teaching platform. From praying to see what childhood experiences, etc. might be behind that tendency and then praying for healing of those, and then, the big step, trying to be willing to endure the suffering, small and large, it would entail to avoid the sinful or unhealthy pattern – I had quite a week.

The good part is that if you try NOT to go with your usual pattern, you have a different experience of life. Specifically, in my case, I could enjoy more of the beauty of nature at the retreat (this is the Edmundite Retreat Center off Mystic Connecticut on Ender’s Island – a sublime site surrounded by the Long Island Sound). A high point was forcing ourselves to arise at 4:45 AM to pray morning prayer actually seeing the sun rise over the ocean. This beautiful half hour would have been quite different had I been busy formulating words to talk about it at the time. Describing it days later is different.

I also tracked how often I use conversation as a means to “work on” everyone, interjecting subtly and unsubtly into small talk about how they ought to change according to my lights! By the end of a week of observing this pattern I wondered why anyone has ever wanted to be my friend or even an acquaintance! I guess God has graced me with other qualities since I am very loved in spite of this syndrome.

I have one person pledged to work on one of her faults and check things out with me at 10 PM every evening for 5-10 minutes max. If you go back to the blog about A New Way, you can also enjoy this chance at an identity crisis!

Lord have mercy on us all.

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