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“Place the missal in the hand of the faithful so that they may take part more easily and more fruitfully in the Mass; and that they faithful, united with the priest, may pray together in the very words and sentiments of the Church.”
— Ven. Pope Pius XII

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Creativity and Security
published 26 July 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

My daughters, Diana and Carla, were terrific artists when they were children. They were so good that, since we owned the house, we let them “fresco” the walls of their bedroom with delightful funny pictures. I still recall the parent of one of their little friends marveling that any parents would let kids do such a thing!

Carla went on to be a poet primarily. Diana writes wonderful comic narratives about family events, but also is now going back to art. She is doing great Chagall/Van Gogh like paintings. I love them. She refuses to take art lessons to “perfect” them because that would ruin the fun. Her house looks a lot like the Ridley’s house – Watershed leaders in Corpus Christi – in case you have been there.

I am visiting her off and on this summer in LA while teaching elsewhere. She recently bought a huge wooden low bureau for $10 at a yard sale to paint up. Below are some photos of what she has done. I love the sheer spontaneity of them, the freedom, the love of color and love of God’s creation they display. But some people think it is just crazy: “you should paint on canvasses, not bureaus!”

It brought to mind long reflections I have made about conformity and non-conformity. I am convinced that hatred of non-conformity comes from a very understandable and even correct intuition that without a certain degree of conformity there would be no safety at all. If you didn’t expect that most people will not kill you when they got angry… you couldn’t budge out the door. Along these lines is the fact that the custom of shaking hands was started centuries ago, supposedly, to prove you didn’t have a knife in your hand!

Parents, in the hippie era, associated long hair and full beards with drugs and draft-dodging. Thus non-conformity was associated with something much more dangerous than hair. This explains why, still, I can’t get any mileage out of telling my seminarians that since they will be alter-Christus they should try to look like him with long hair and beards.

Anyhow, if you catch the fire, think about painting old bureaus. If you have kids, they will love it!

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