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“…I started down the road of the liturgy, and this became a continuous process of growth into a grand reality transcending all particular individuals and generations, a reality that became an occasion for me of ever-new amazement and discovery. The incredible reality of the Catholic liturgy has accompanied me through all phases of life, and so I shall have to speak of it time and again.”
— Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

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An Evening Among Friends
published 10 July 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

Saturday evening I met in person Watershedders Cynthia and the now world famous Carmen, the darling baby. As well, at the gathering were my dear old friends Francette and Michael Meaney. For those of you who have seen Cynthia Ostrowski only on the Watershed web and think, as I did, that no one could possibly be that beautiful in real life, she is! But in a wonderful way that beautiful face in repose rather than posing, has a depth and pathos you can’t see in the web pictures. I especially liked the way she looked with Carmen in her arms just listening to the others like an icon of motherhood.

Our gathering was at the convent of Sister Anne Sophie who many of you know from her incredible apostolate, the Society of the Body of Christ, with hundred of lay people helping Sister reach out to the neediest cases in Corpus Christi. I provided editorial assistance for her first book On the Front Line. Check the web to get this extraordinary account of Sister Anne Sophie’s out-reach to the sick and dying.

Claire Ridley worked for hours and hours on the spread. Michael Meaney, a philosophy professor, filled us all in on some of his most pungent ideas about spirituality. Francette, who founded a terrific pro-life center and boarding house for girls and women, to save their babies, always inspires me greatly by the type of total helping hands and hearts she and her people give to this segment of the world’s neediest.

Since the last blog I watched the Fr. Pacwa interview with Kevin Allen, and learned even more of the significance of the Sacred Arts Music apostolate in our times.

I feel honored to be a blogger on Watershed.

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