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“Sacred music, being a complementary part of the solemn liturgy, participates in the general scope of the liturgy, which is the glory of God and the sanctification and edification of the faithful. It contributes to the decorum and the splendor of the ecclesiastical ceremonies, and since its principal office is to clothe with suitable melody the liturgical text proposed for the understanding of the faithful, its proper aim is to add greater efficacy to the text, in order that through it the faithful may be the more easily moved to devotion and better disposed for the reception of the fruits of grace belonging to the celebration of the most holy mysteries.”
— Pope Saint Pius X

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No discounts on getting to heaven?
published 21 February 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

One of the greatest mentors I have ever had was a fascinating Jewish convert lay contemplative, Charles Rich. He lived in a Jesuit residence for most of the 20th century, praying all day and counseling priests and lay people.

Here is one of his delightful stories: A man notices a beautiful suit in a store window. But it is $100. He saves his money and finally walks into the store to buy the suit. It is as wonderful as he thought. But then he thinks, if I buy a suit, I ought to also have a new shirt, and a new tie. But I can’t afford them. So, he winds up getting a cheaper suit that isn’t very good so that he can also get the shirt and the tie.

Here is the comparison. We realize that being a saint in the sense of only doing God’s will and getting to heaven is the only thing that really counts. But, then, we think – I would also like to have the comforts of a good life, a little success, etc. etc. And so we don’t go for heaven really but, instead, compromise. Why go to purgatory if we could get to heaven?

You can find a link to Charles Rich’s biography by me and numerous of his pithy sayings on my web — go to rondachervin.com and look for the link to him.

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