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It should be borne in mind that there is no preference expressed in the liturgical legislation for either “versus populum” or “ad orientem.” Since both positions enjoy the favor of law, the legislation may not be invoked to say that one position or the other accords more closely with the mind of the Church.
— Congregation for Divine Worship (Vatican City), 10 April 2000

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Day 13: The Challenge of Avoiding Boasting to be more Loving in Conversation
published 3 December 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

What you will read now is part of a series of 100 spiritual challenges. Each blog can be viewed separately, but for maximum benefit a reader needs to start with the introductory blog of November 18, 2011, and then continue step by step. Day One begins on Sunday, November 20, 2011.
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“If you have been foolish, exalting yourself … put your hand on your mouth.” (Proverbs 30: 32)

Dr. Ronda’s examples: Boasting, a bad, proud, defect in my character, is only one way of being self-centered in conversation. Another defect can be presuming to speak for others. Another would be making statements as if one is the oracle of all wisdom. I had a faculty meeting today and I found that lowering my voice when expressing my opinion, plus humor, cut through some of the above defects. In another situation where I usually becoming a raging lunatic, through the grace of God, I managed to be calm, soft, and vulnerable. In an important conversation initiating a project I noticed that when I was focusing on the talents of other participants in the project it felt very good but when I began to boast I felt more insecure, not about the project but about my own progress in the “way of love.”

Your examples:

Prayer: Holy Spirit, I can see how You are trying to help me to see the benefits of loving conversation vs. the defects that I am pin-pointing in myself, but also sharing to give examples for others to look at. Keep me from discouragement. Let me see even one victory of love a day as a step toward the goal.

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