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“The Church has always kept, and wishes still to maintain everywhere, the language of her Liturgy; and, before the sad and violent changes of the 16th century, this eloquent and effective symbol of unity of faith and communion of the faithful was, as you know, cherished in England not less than elsewhere. But this has never been regarded by the Holy See as incompatible with the use of popular hymns in the language of each country.”
— Pope Leo XIII (1898)

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The Glories of Parenting Babies
published 4 August 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

Jeff Ostrowski, President of Watershed, asked me to contribute a blog on babies. This takes me back many decades but is still relevant.

I was a twin and we were the only children in our family. I knew almost nothing about babies when my twins were born in 1962. It was before breast-feeding was revived in our country. It would have so much more convenient to feed them simultaneously, one at each breast, instead of one after the other as in 1:30 AM feed little Carla; 2:45 AM feed little Diana. That is, Mama never sleeps more than a half hour at a time! Happily when my son was born La Leche League was alive and well. I loved it. I developed the analogy (limping to be sure) that my body was like Jesus’ Eucharist body. My milk was so good it could nourish a baby, just as the Eucharist is so good it can nourish our souls.

The birth of our twins was a revelation to my husband who was 46 at the time. He had always wanted to be a father. As he carried the babies in his arms for the first time he got a realization of how God the Father must love us, His children.

By the twins’ six month of life, however, we became acquainted with a sign that innocence is not forever. One twin pulled out most of the hair of the other. This took place in their playpen when one was jealous because the other learned how to stand up first! We were flabbergasted. We have a photo which neither of them enjoy seeing!

Thank you, Lord of heaven and earth, and have mercy on us in our fallen natures.

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