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“We must remember that the important elements of a rite are not the things that will first be noticed by a casual and ignorant onlooker—the number of candles, colour of the vestments and places where the bell is rung—but just those things he would not notice: the Canon, fraction and so on, the prayers said in a low voice and the characteristic but less obvious rites done by the celebrant at the altar.”
— Fr. Fortescue explaining that Anglicanism does not preserve Sarum

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Pride in Children and Grandchildren
published 16 April 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

Most of us should and do love our children and grandchildren whether we are proud of them or not, but then sometimes come those delicious moments of happy and not to be blamed pride. In Yiddish such parents and grandparents are said to “kvell” which is a word just for that kind of joy.

My oldest grandson (21 years old) passed through Connecticut and visited me over night. Probably because of half Jewish ancestry from my side, he happens to look almost exactly like Jim Carveziel in the Passion! So much is this the case that in High School everyone called him “Jesus” as a nickname. It is not just the features, it is a look of eager compassion in his face that I love.

Now, he likes to wear grundgies, and I was afraid that at our formal seminary they might not be able to see the man for the clothes, but they did! And I kvelled thinking “Heh, without me, he wouldn’t exist.” I remember the first time I heard about the biological fact that because of the body/soul togetherness we believe to be God’s plan, it is not like he creates first a soul and them dumps it anywhere, but the soul and body are created simultaneously in such a way that the baby that my husband and I would procreate a month after would not be the same unique self as the one we procreated exactly on that date. Awesome, eh?

Best of all was a deeply Christian thing my non-practicing grandson told me about. He is a fiction writer who works as a cashier to support himself. I kvell a lot about his writings. Recently he decided to take a crash course to become a nursing aid. After months of practice, mostly on Alzheimer patients, he said this: “It’s probably the worst job in the world in terms of the awful pace and the sometimes disgusting jobs, but I love it because the patients need my help so much.”

Pray for dear ones fallen away from the Faith: that they come back to the sacraments. And try practicing kvelling openly with your kids, grandkiddies, or relatives and younger friends.

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