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“The replies to this committee (of which Mgr Bugnini was the secretary) reveal a desire to reform the liturgy. In what sense? Out of 2,109 responses from bishops, just three expressed the desire to restore Communion under both kinds. There was a sizable demand for limited use of the vernacular, but only one French bishop wanted the entire Mass in French.”
— Fr. Dominic Allain (2019)

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Abby Johnson's Unplanned
published 11 April 2011 by Dr. Ronda Chervin

When everyone on your side starts praising a book, do you ever kind of resist and think, maybe if everyone loves it, I won’t love it? Most of the time, when I get around to reading the book I love it. This is certainly the case with Unplanned. As most of you know, it is the story of a woman who ran an abortion mill and turned around and joined our side. I understand she has recently even become a Catholic.

I have been teaching an ethics book on abortion called Mixed Feelings: The Ethics of Abortion by Dr. Stephen Schwarz and Kiki Lattimer. The idea was to write a pro-life book that really explained why pro-choicers think the way they do. It is a book you can give to family and friends who are sitting on the fence. Look for it to come out in the Fall. It is terrific.

Nothing could better illustrate the points in Mixed Feelings than this book by Abby Johnson. Even though she was a Christian attending pro-life Churches she was still convinced that the services of Planned Parenthood in the area of contraception would make abortion rare! She managed to hide from herself her guilt about her own two abortions.

Working in the office counseling woman, It was only after 8 years that she saw an actual abortion and realized that this innocent baby was real and had the right to life.

The most hopeful and touching thing about Abby’s story is how the love shown by the Coalition for Life members praying outside her clinic contributed to her decision to come over to the right side.

Read it, you’ll be as moved to hope as I was.

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